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The Christian Boylove Forum (CBF, CBLF) was started August 25, 1998, in order to give Christian boylovers a space in which to work out their own issues. Despite the creation of Religious Debate Chat in 1998, the general boylover community was felt to be somewhat hostile against religion, and the CBF provided a safe haven.


The board started as a Free Spirits resource in August 1998. The Free Spirits Committee was divided on whether to associate itself with Christians, but accepted the proposal after Jimf3 championed the idea on the FSC discussion board. In December 1998, the board moved to its own server and domain name, thus loosening ties with Free Spirits.

As the community grew, more and more posters exchanged contact information and met in real life. In 1999 and 2000 Christian Consultations on Boylove were held. They began as a group of people who wanted to promote the concerns of boylovers within the larger church. In 2001 the event was renamed Christian Consultation on Adult Attraction to Minors in order to include girllovers and other minor-attracted adults who did not identify as boylovers. In 2002 a CBF Gathering was held in St. Louis in place of the Consultations. Here, focus was more on fellowship and praise than advocacy or dialogue.

The board continues to be active and give its members the opportunity to explore difficult issues such as lust vs. love, masturbation and coming out to friends and pastors. It offers an additional board called The Prayer Room, as well as a chat room, which is open whenever a volunteer is present. From 2000 to 2002, the forum published a quarterly newsletter called Paraklesis containing informative articles and poetry.


On January 29, 2019, the CBF Webmaster posted a notice stating that the site will be closing down once their registration runs out.[1]


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