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Religious Debate Chat (RDC) was a message board for debate about religion and boylove. It was created by Alexis in response to religious flame wars erupting on BoyChat in February 1998. Although the intention was mainly to move flammable topics off BoyChat, the site turned out to provide a useful forum for religious topics.

One of the longest-running discussions at RDC has been over the question of whether Christianity improves or worsens boylovers' lives. Although RDC's webmaster, TPKA not, declared himself an "evangelical atheist", the Christian presence started out strong, with Heather Elizabeth Peterson as one of many participants.

Nevertheless, as time went by, it became clear that the board would be for debate rather than a support board for religious boylovers. This realization eventually led to the founding of the Christian Boylove Forum.

It is unclear what happened to RDC; it was last known to be online in 2001.

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