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The World Wide Web went online in 1991[1] and by 1993 was gaining momentum. Prior to this, pay-based online services such as America Online, Prodigy, CompuServe, and GEnie dominated the market. These services offered a chat feature sometimes called "chat rooms".[2] At that time, boylovers were not rejected by the gay community, as is the case today. Boylovers often frequented gay chat rooms, eventually meeting and developing friendships with other like-minded individuals. By 1994, many of the users of the pay-based internet services had began to migrate to the World Wide Web, as it was much less expensive. Many boylovers who had been used to communicating in chat rooms discovered Internet Relay Chat and Usenet which featured "newsgroups".

The Usenet resembles a bulletin board system (BBS) in many respects, and is the precursor to Internet forums such as BoyChat and other web message boards that are widely used today. The most prominent boylove newsgroup at that time was It should also be noted that there were newsgroups in the alt.binary (non-text, i.e. pictures or music) groups which showed horrific images of children, most often girls but sometimes boys, being tortured and abused. The newsgroups that were popular with boylovers, such as, showed images of boys playing sports and other activities, as well as some light nudist imagery.

While both Usenet and IRC existed prior to this time, they experienced an enormous increase in use during the period between 1994 to 1996. Unlike the pay services, these forms of communication were largely unmoderated, which meant that boylovers were free to discuss their interests and concerns with no censorship. At that time, one of the most popular IRC channel (chat room) was called #ASBL. Most, if not all, of the original pioneering boylove webpages and sites on the new World Wide Web were created by users from that IRC channel. Most of the boylove sites from the early days of the web featured "picture galleries", some featured nudist images, but most showed candid pictures of boys doing boy things, unlike the posed/modeled images that are sometimes featured on webpages today.

Websites from 1994 - 1996

  • Kasper's Free Spirits
  • Johnny Proudly Presents [3]
  • Astro's Home Boy Page
  • DaytonaK's Home Page
  • DreamLand choice
  • European boylover homepage
  • Gently's Junction
  • JDennis490's Home Page
  • LonoMyth's Boy Actor Gallery
  • Mattin's Boyphoto Homepage
  • SandBoy's Home Page
  • Uncle Chuck's Toychest
  • The Blueboy Gallery of Boy Photos [4]

Other BL sites from the early days of the WWW

  • Hooky's Pirate Cave ( [archive]
  • Pige's Page (
  • The Blueboy Gallery of Boy Photos ( [archive]
  • Boys...(
  • Chris' Humble Home Page (
  • Clayboy's Boylove Haven (
  • Comquest Boys (
  • Dreamland Home Page (
  • Photos of Boys by Gently (
  • Green's Boylove Page (
  • Ian's Home Page(
  • IceBoy's Web Home (
  • Mattin's Boyphoto Homepage (
  • Pige's Page (
  • Sandboy's Home Page (
  • Shyne's Pages (
  • Someone's Images (
  • Tboy's Home Page (
  • Top Kid Fashion Show (
  • Tristan's Place (
  • Tygyr's Home Page (
  • Uncle Chuck's Toychest (
  • [5] [6]


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