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Innocent/non offending people killed or attacked

  • In 2000 in the UK, families fled from paedophile protests. Man beaten unconscious, elderly man dies from heart attack. Elsewhere in the country, innocent people have been targeted and a suspected paedophile is reported to have killed himself after a vigilante attack on his home left him in fear of his life.[1]
  • In 2000 in the UK, an accused paedophile killed himself days after a vigilante mob attacked his house and forced him to flee with his family. [2]
  • In 2003 in the Netherlands, several organizations offered money to kill pedophiles on IBLD. "Dutch websites that offer up to $500 for the IBLD meeting details, $200 for every pedo that gets killed on IBLD and other fine suggestions such as putting a rubber tire around the neck of a pedo and setting it on fire[.]" (find archived copies, links are dead) [3]
  • In 2007 in the USA, Melissa Chandler was killed by a fire that was set by Robert "Bobby" Bell and Gary Lamar Sellers after her husband, Timothy Carl Chandler, was arrested on child porn charges.[4]
  • In 2010 in the UK, a 14 year old girl stabbed to death a man suspected of being a pedophile.[5]
  • In 2013 in the UK a man was involved in an entrapment case where he was lead to believe he would be meeting an 18 year old at a cafe. Only when he arrived did he recieve a message saying she was actually 15, and he immediately got up and left. The man was then filmed while a vigilante called him a pedophile. It was posted online, causing him to recieve death threats, his wife tried to kill herself, and bricks were thrown at his house. He was forced to move to the other side of the country and cut off ties with family and friends. [6]
  • In 2013 in the UK, an innocent man burned to death as vigilante neighbors mistook him for a paedophile.[7]
  • In 2013 in Colorado, USA, a woman beat a suspected pedophile to death with a baseball bat.[8]
  • In 2013 in Russia, anti-gay viligantes abducted and attacked a man whom they suspected to be a gay pedophile.[9]
  • In 2013 in Belarus and Russia, members of an anti-gay group calling itself "Occupy Pedophilia" videotape themselves beating and torturing suspected gays, pedophiles, and POC. (Ongoing)[10][11]
  • In 2015 in the UK, a man was killed over taking pictures of kids at restaurant. [12]
  • In 2015 in the UK, an woman armed with a knife visits the home of a 77-year old Michael Pleasted. He was awaiting trial for a crime which it is unclear if he was guilty for. She stabs him to death, and gets charged with manslaughter rather than murder, and was reduced to half the normal sentence time.[13]
  • In 2015 in the UK, a police officer called a vigilante victim a 'pain in the ass' after arresting him when he called for help from neighbours who later beat him to death and set him on fire[14]
  • In 2015, a man wrongly believed to be taking photos of a young girl in the street was killed in a hit-and-run drive-by.[15]
  • In 2016 in the UK, A 15-year-old girl recruited a gang of “teenage vigilantes” to lure a man to his death in the mistaken belief that he was a paedophile. “She had told the others that the man was a paedophile and as a result he was punched, kicked and then stabbed to death in the street.” Teens walk free. [16][17]
  • In 2016 in the UK, a vigilante pedophile hunter murdered dad wrongly accused of trying to meet a teenage girl.[18]

Harassment/not death

  • In 2000 in the UK, a paediatrician was driven out of her home by vigalantes who supposedly confused her title of paediatrician with the word "paedophile". Five other families who were wrongly identified as harbouring sex offenders were forced to flee their homes in the Paulsgrove estate in Portsmouth as violence flared earlier this month. [19]
  • UK. PROTESTERS chanting ‘paedos out', onlookers were frightened by the mob.[20]
  • In 2015 in Australia, a father taking a selfie with a Darth Vader display at Target talked to some children to let them know what he was taking a selfie to send to his own children. The mother of the children then photographed the man and posted his face online, calling him a creep and causing him to receive death threats. The post calling him a creep was reshared thousands of times before the father was finally able to clear his name.[21]