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It looks pretty bleak, as there aren't a lot of potential allies who seem like they'd be willing to get involved in helping with orphan issues.

  • Moderate libertarians: Some of them are opposed to the overreach of Child Protective Services and other government agencies, and probably a lot of them are opposed to the harsh sex offender laws that are applied to, say, teenagers who engage in sexting or adults who have sex with 17-year-olds. But a lot of them still believe parents should have authority over their children, and what kind of political moderate of any stripe is going to defend childlove? In general, moderate libertarians seem supportive, sometimes even strongly supportive, of the government's war on child porn.
  • Radical libertarians: As Spanglergate and many similar scandals proved, it's not safe for even radical libertarians to openly defend childlove; they will be attacked and ostracized. Some radical libertarians might question whether government is the best organization to combat child sexual abuse, but that doesn't mean they condone childlove, much less that they are willing to defend it. There might be some radical libertarians who oppose the war on child porn, but they're unwilling to write much about it or help found an organization devoted to that issue.
  • Civil libertarians: I think even organizations like the ACLU aren't as eager as they used to be to defend the free speech rights of those who defend childlove. Lowering the age of consent doesn't seem to be on their agenda, and they support criminalization of child porn production.
  • Human rights advocates: They've tended to oppose child prostitution and child pornography as forms of exploitation or human trafficking.
  • Youth rights advocates: These days, the NYRA crowd doesn't seem to care about any issues except slightly lowering the voting and drinking ages.
  • Child liberationists: The ASFAR crowd doesn't have a functioning organization right now, which suggests that there aren't a lot of people who care that much about liberating children. Also, the childlove issue might very well cause a schism within that movement if an attempt were made to make that part of their agenda. In all likelihood, that schism would end with the expulsion of people who want to legalize adult-child sex, or at the very least the organization's refusal to advocate such legalization, as the others would worry that such a position would lead to pressure to quit the organization and eliminate its ability to effectively lobby the legislature on any issues.
  • Sex offender law reformers: The RSOL crowd is deliberately limiting their agenda to changing how sex offenders are dealt with, rather than decriminalizing any behaviors or giving children any more freedom.
  • Boylovers: The NAMBLA crowd doesn't care about girllove and doesn't devote much of its resources to the issue of child porn, despite the large number of people in prison or under intrusive court supervision for child porn offenses.
  • Girllovers: They're basically not organized at all.