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This text explains how the universe works, the purpose and nature of God and the role of humanity in relation to the universe and to God. In particular, it explains the present window opening for qualified human beings to align and integrate with (become part of) what can aptly be identified as The Kingdom of God on Earth.

Ostensibly it also deals very centrally with our sexual functioning and a deep and holistic (holotropic) approach to human sexuality in a completely new and pervasively transformed paradigm for which I am so far the only representative (at least to my knowledge). Since the winter of 2005 I have remained firmly anchored in this, which is the new paradigm, to the disparagement of all the world's esotericists and exotericists alike, which must find themselves possibly chasing red herrings, but at the very least to be in trajectories (life paths) that need to become reoriented and anchored to a new foundation. And for some of these paths more or less to be discarded.

The pages Applied sex economy​ and Holotropic homosexuality explain aspects of the cosmology and cosmogony which is detailed here.

We are at the turning point of Creation

Studying some videos with Dan Winter on phase conjugation and fractal compression will assist you in comprehending the reference to a crystal and information encoded in a crystal, i.e. crystallized thought that is presented below.

What we are facing now is, for the first time since the birth of our present universe, a real opportunity to worship God, meaning the personal creator of the universe.

Our universe was created by the release (or explosion rather) of a crystallized thought from the mind of God (the Father). This "thought" is our physical and spiritual universe[1]. Thus, this is about a movement from absolute cosmos, i.e. order (the crystallized thought prior to manifestation), to absolute chaos when it is let go and thereby inaugurates our universe, until it is once again gathered in absolute cosmos, however this time with God (the Son). Aids to conceptualize this can be a release and subsequent rewinding of a wound coil, with the essential difference that when the coil has been completely unwound, depleted of its stored elastic energy, in our case the structure of the material and shape of the spring is reconfigured and reconstituted before it is rewound. It is also the solve et coagula of the alchemists (meaning "dissolve and coagulate").

And this is a process which repeats with unending iterations. The son of God becomes God the father in the next round, just the same way our God the father in a previous dispensation was the son of God.

And it is the "same" that happens every time, that is, the general template, the structure of the process if you will, remains the same, but the content is different, enhanced. There's a progression for each new Creation, such that one new dimension (not spatial[2] but one of being, ontology) is added each time.


Our universe is numbered, as is each universe sequentially following one another[3]. The seed for the new dimension, and the related universe, is directly associated with a natural number (countable) which is the number of the previous universe plus one. As we enter a new universe (from the previous one), the entire series of numbers up until the number of the previous universe will have their full matrices of correspondences[4]. However, the number of the new universe still stands naked and without any correspondences. At the termination of this universe, this number will be part of a new matrix, and it will then have attained a complete set of correspondences of its own. At this point, it's important to apprehend that this is not simply the old matrix with one new field corresponding to the new number. The entire matrix is renewed (rehashed). Many correspondences will perhaps remain the same, but some (probably many or most) will have been reallocated.

Evil is that which has not yet been absorbed and integrated

This new, unknown number constitutes the very core of evil, evil as pure principle. It is that which always doesn't fit in, and even if we "conquer" parts of it, that is, integrate it into our reality, there will at all times be a remainder not fitting in. Which thus represents evil, or that which is taboo. And a little bit like the game whac-a-mole, chances are that just as one thought that a field was exhaustively conquered, just then a new problem field pops up in an area where one believed oneself to be in full control.

Numeral systems

At its core this is about numeral systems as these are the field of expertise of the world's esoteric traditions. Numeral systems are, however, also the specialty of nature, via life's organic unfolding, and this is something we are going to be drawing upon increasingly in the work we are now entering into.

Esoteric groups anchored in exiting paradigm - God the Father

All these esoteric groups have in common, that in addition to synthesizing observations made of natural systems, they also consult with the exiting crystal in order to establish their correspondence matrices. This is what they are doing when they draw upon higher spirits, disincarnate beings of wisdom. Because all of these have been produced through triangulations made towards the thought of God (the Father), the perfect information crystal prior to it exploding. And what they thereby do not realize is that these sources of wisdom only have temporary validity, and this transience has an unambiguous expiration date. We are now at this expiration date.

Our purpose is to constitute the correspondence matrix for the emerging paradigm - God the Son

Our destiny is to gather ourselves to a new crystal. That means that we are going to assemble a brand new correspondence matrix. That work starts now, led by myself as a practitioner og holotropic homosexuality.

Reclaiming ontological territory through applied sex economy

Through applied sex economy I have for about 12 years, with the help of the realizations which Wilhelm Reich documented when in 1927 he wrote the book The Function of the Orgasm, conducted a body of body work that has a twofold focus: self therapy and ontological landgrab (Norwegian: landnåm; conquest)

At the second part focus of this work I have continuously cleared paths through areas that so far have been fortified by the esoteric elites (who, as has been told, all have one thing in common in that they all orientate backwards, towards the universe which came before this one and which lacks the number for the current Creation in its correspondence matrix). This has caused a full spectrum of adverse reactions. Thus, in my practice, some of these have been very obvious and limited through dreams that I have had during these past 13 years. Some will have to be bluntly characterized as brutal attacks and have caused the need for a therapeutic component even in their integration. Still, I have integrated all of it. And that is what's so phenomenal about this therapeutic and self-actualization modality, that it provides the opportunity to head straight into matters as they arise and then to work oneself through it all to a clean resolution, often in a matter of hours.

A new, exclusive noosphere

Our thought-space has become cluttered. More and more groups gain access to esoteric technologies, whether basically magical in nature or science-based (e.g. psychotronics, MKULTRA legacy). As I reclaim ontological territory I believe the following will take place at a given juncture. I new thought-space, a noosphere, will be initialized. This noosphere will be completely inaccessible to beings that are not integrated with the establishment of the new paradigm. This will be the new "thinking space" where the work going forward will be consolidated and coordinated. I expect communal thought processes will take place there.

I am anchored in God the Son

Consequently, I am anchored in that crystal which we are all going to be part of producing. And as others start to comprehend what is happening these will also integrate themselves into this work, because then we will have a shared perception of reality and can coordinate ourselves organically (functionally). This is the first time in the history of mankind that this kind of competition-free coordination has been possible.

What's happening next?

What's going to happen from here on in can from one perspective be described in the way our sexual unions previously dealt either with procreation or with the Luciferian credo "more light", however, then limited to the sequestered "bubble" which is anchored in the "exiting crystal" – that is, to the extent that it wasn't simply about attaining pleasure – and how in the future sexual congregation will be directed towards integrating The Other permanently so that a new being is effected, as the synthesis of the two. Thus I and some "Adam" (placeholder male name) will establish a new, fuller (and deeper) human being, a god man, as it were, who has a consciousness which neither of us could achieve on our own. This, new, individual can in arithmetic terms be described in the following way:

If the consciousness of God is 1 then a human being brought to its highest potential can be considered to be a fraction of 1. An example universe consisting of (and only of) sixteen such humans would consequently have individuals with 1/16 of God's consciousness. I make this example simple because we are supposed to also include animals, plants and the rest of the universe in this equation, and I for one am unable to make any sort of approximation as to what size fractions are possessed by these various realms of nature, let alone individual beings or other subdivision patterns within each of them (or that which still isn't assigned to any of them, which we perhaps can assume to be congruent with what astrophysicists refer to as dark matter and dark energy, respectively). Let us therefore envisage me and a would-be "Adam" now have "come together" and Hadamr (since my name is Halvor) as this child could be named now has a consciousness of 2/16, that is 1/8, of God's consciousness. If the others go through with the same sexual union we are going to end up with eight such individual beings. And then all these repeat the process so that we then get to 4 individual beings each with 1/4 consciousness, then 2 individuals with 1/2 consciousness, and then in the end the last two unite. Then the job is done: God the Son is then manifest, and all that has happened during the lifetime of this cosmos will then also be fractally compressed into a crystal – His being. This crystal will also contain the terminated correspondence matrix for the current Creation.

The process of sexual unions in a new paradigm will of course occur in a much more complex way than what I chose as an educational example. We are also going to see combinations of humans and animals, plant, minerals, and so on (note the definition of sex as an energy interaction). And as the variations to the process is so much beyond where we are now, it is possible that this will happen in ways that are now difficult to describe. What's important now is whether we understand the principle guiding this process: the way in which the fragmented consciousness which is constituted via all the elements of the universe combined, step by step will aggregate until unity is finally achieved.

Sex, sexuality and the sexual energy

The sexual energy is characterized among other things by its amplitude being higher than the other energies which we usually manifest. And because we all have neurotic character structures (in a sex economical sense), our organisms will to varying degrees and in different ways be only partially able to metabolize these high amplitude energy patterns. Much will trigger secondary reactions of a pathological nature. In the essay "Sex Economy - A Theory of Living Functioning" written by my great grandfather Ola Raknes, who was also a Reich's close co-worker, what characterizes a co-called genital character structure (as opposed to a neurotic one) is described as follows:

To the question, 'What is the function of the genital sexual life?' —we can therefore answer: It is the only complete regulator of the vegetative and therefore the psychic energy tensions. The capacity for genital sexual experience, that is, orgastic potency, is identical with the capacity for a maximal and concentrated working ability and with courage to meet the difficulties which life brings.

Our bodies today generally are not able to operate efficiently at that amplitude of energy where the sexual energy manifests, merely some sequestered zones of our bodies. Only limited regions of the body are – in the worst cases reduced to one point only, in some individuals these regions extend to many points. Still, hardly any, at least not counting adult human beings, have the ability to experience and respond to the sexual energies throughout any conceivable part of the body.

Emergence of community oriented to God the Son will deplete the incumbent energy matrix of power

As we expand the community of individuals who are integrated into this new holotropic integrational work, anchored in a common weltanschauung and a common ethical point of reference (the projection of the completion of Creation, the inception of the new crystal and the point of manifestation of God the Son), the esoteric communities will increasingly lose the power. The esoteric communities now realize the time has come for them to step up. The work that they have laid down, in accordance with their own traditions, isn't simply to be abandoned. Quite to the contrary they will experience an intensified rush in the time ahead, however this impetus will arise from a new spring. Their job now turns to finding mechanisms through which their aggregated resources and qualifications can contribute constructively to the work which I have described here to some extent. This will be the most creative and exciting restructuring in history. and the communities that take on the first task with the greatest humility , which is a critical review of their own organization with a correspondingly undogmatic cleanup of what doesn't stand up to the new measures (and possibly not even the old…), will present themselves with the greatest credibility and garner the greatest amount of respect in what is going to be an open and orderly competition between former enemies and strategic allies.

Ethos of the New Age insufficient

And working to integrate oneself with nature and Gaia perceived as a deity, will not be sufficient, because all of these are also being recalibrated against the new spiritual anchoring point, and only the human being that is truly God conscious and tuned to the new, pure reference pitch – with a calling to disseminate outwards and downwards, is there.

The option for women – logion 114

One particularly important item remains to be pointed out, and that is so delicate that I shall entirely omit discussing it for now: the role of women. Suffice to state that I find that the most constructive angle of approach to this subject is logion 114 of the Gospel of Thomas.

Cultivating God

I started out by writing that we now for the first time in the history of Creation itself receive an opportunity to worship, as in cultivate, God. This will take place with much the same approach that the conscientious ecological farmer tills his crops and the gardener tends and nurtures his plants, or the way in which the most resourceful and spiritually mature among us are able to bring up their offspring so that they become the human equivalents of refined gems. And the object of this cultivation is the process, and the resources dedicated to it, human or otherwise, that are to be perfected through the successful implementation and completion of yet another work of Creation. This is a functional and rational cultivation or worship, not misunderstood invoking some entity that either isn't constituted or does not function in the way the worshiper imagines.


  1. there is no set boundary between matter and non-matter, only a border line which is constantly moving in one direction – consider a contour line
  2. actually there is a geometrical aspect relating all of these would-be dimensions, which is manifested in the crystal that is here conceptualized as God's thought which is the basis for Creation or universe
  3. what these numbers are, e.g. the actual number of our present Universe, is unknown from our current perspective. It's hard even to speculate which order of magnitude it has, i.e. it could be between 10 and 100, or it could be between 1,000 and 10,000, or perhaps somewhere in the order between 10100 and 10101
  4. students of kabbalah and numerology will be familiar with the notion of numbers being associated with ideas and concepts. The matrix referred to here is the ultimate, and exhaustive, such set of such correspondences, or attributes