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I wonder how newcomers feel when they first visit BoyWiki? Though the site is, in many ways, very professionally done, and the presentation is often excellent (barring the occasional typographical errors intrusively studding some of the category pages), I wonder how visitors feel when it comes to actually locating the content (the individual articles) on BoyWiki?

"But where are all the articles?", a newcomer might well ask. For someone in a hurry (or lacking much patience) BoyWiki, on the surface, appears to contain very little real content, in terms of articles.

Of course, the visitor could choose a category at random, and dig down deeper and deeper, trying to find something of interest to him. But most visitors, I suspect, won't take the time to do so. Or would become frustrated after digging down deeply category-by-category (like playing with Russian dolls) to find just one single article in that category, and an article that may even appear to them to be mis-categorized! (Like finding the last doll empty!)

For me as a newcomer in a hurry to find "the good stuff", a listing such as the one found in All BoyWiki articles would be a godsend! There you have all the article titles, listed alphabetically, and the listing can be easily searched for keywords of interest. In fact, that listing is actually like an encyclopedic index of all BoyWiki articles! How convenient!

Too bad that BoyWiki doesn't have an "official" index of that sort. It would make the articles on BoyWiki much more easily accessible, and would encourage visitors to read more of them.

Which is what BoyWiki is all about, isn't it?



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