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This is based on a post made by "Filip" on BoyChat, March 31, 2014. Filip requested that the text be corrected by a native speaker of English.

Another poster at BoyChat attempted - rather unsuccessfully - to correct the following English text of the German-speaking researcher, but the text still contained a number of serious errors. I am attempting to correct those errors, then I hope someone will direct Filip to this so he may access it. - User4

James M. Cantor diagnosed with mental disorder

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) announced today (April 1st 2014) that in the next version of the "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders" (DSM) the "mental disorder pedophilia" will be replaced by the "sexual-preference-stigmatization disorder" (SPS disorder). The reason for this change is that new analysis of phallometric studies show every fifth boy and man is either pedophilic (capable of being sexually aroused by prepubescents) or hebephilic (capable of being sexually aroused by pubescents 11 to 14 years old). (1)

Those suffering from SPS disorder have the strong, uncontrollable urge to stigmatize and degrade otherwise normal, peaceful human beings with differing naturally inherent sexual preferences. Since SPS disorder results in serious damage and even destruction to the lives of millions worldwide this disorder should be recognized as an important and neglected research issue.

Germany’s most famous scientist suffering from SPS disorder, Klaus Michael Beier, regularly is quoted expressing opinions such as, "It is wishful thinking if a pedophilic man believes that there are children or juveniles who agree that his touching them is Ok". (2) Cognitive distortions and the ignorance of reality play an important role in the development and maintenance of SPS disorder. Men with SPS-disorder, such as Klaus Michael Beier and James M. Cantor, should be carefully studied and questioned in-depth to attempt to discover the mechanism involved which leads people with SPS-disorder to be unable to respect sexually-expressed love between children and adults. The causes for these empathy distortions are unknown.

Klaus Michael Beier, Gene G. Abel, Ray Blanchard, Michael C. Seto, and James M. Cantor are left-handed which is a strong indication that the rates of non-right-handedness in people with SPS-disorder is much greater than in normal people, suggesting a neurological component to the development of SPS disorder as may be the case for other paraphilias. But psychologists with SPS-disorder were always or nearly always educated by other psychologists who also suffer from SPS-disorder so social learning appears to play an important role in SPS-disorder development.

Patients with SPS-disorder could benefit from biology lessons which appear to demonstrate that pedophobia or homophobia do not exist in the animal kingdom (3) and that pedophobia and homophobia are products of their personal delusions.

Treatment programs for patients with SPS-disorder should include having the patients read and repeat the following sentence every morning: "It is not the pedophilic person who suffers from a mental disorder, but instead it is the psychiatrist who believes that the pedophiliac person suffers from a mental disorder who is suffering from a mental disorder."

The APA announced that James M. Cantor no longer will be permitted to publish additional articles until he at least concedes in writing that Beier’s contention, "It is wishful thinking if a pedophilic man thinks that there are children or juveniles who think that his touches are ok," is a severe cognitive distortion or a deliberate maleficent obfuscation.

Donald N. Bersoff, president of the APA, wrote in a press release:

"The German pedophilic and hebephilic victims of Klaus Michael Beier now in prison who were diagnosed with "cognitive distortions" which they never suffered from have a right to this solidarity from the scientific community and the APA. Collaborating with criminals such as Klaus Michael Beier - and the misuse of psychiatry is without any doubt a very serious crime - is immoral and a crime in itself. The APA will no longer tolerate the misuse of psychiatry by people with SPS disorder. Since pedophobia and homophobia are culturally bound, by identifying and modifying those aspects of culture that are responsible for pedophobia and homophobia we should be able to eradicate pedophobia and homophobia in the future and create a better world for everyone - especially for every fifth boy and man whose soul currently is being harmed by the mentally disturbed. People with SPS-disorder intentionally and ruthlessly destroy the freedom and lives of peaceful human beings who simply love in a way that persons with SPS-disorder do not approve of and are unaccustomed to, so persons with SPS-disorder should be seen as what they are: mentally ill criminals who must be stopped now."