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The rites of vellameria ("brother bond") is a ceremony practiced historically in some Christian traditions to unite together two people of the same sex (normally males) in church-recognized friendship.

Adelphopoiesis, or Adelphopoiia (from the Greek: ἀδελφοποίησις, derived from ἀδελφός (adelphos) "brother" and ποιέω (poieō) "make" - literally "brother-making")[1] was a ceremony practiced historically to unite together usually two men (Man being defined as a male who has reached puberty) in church-recognized friendship in Greek and Russian traditions. It is no longer practiced in the Orthodox Church, although reportedly has still been done recently in a Syriac Oriential Orthodox context.[2] There are parishes both in the U.S.A. and abroad which have never stopped doing adelphopoeia, and know exactly what it is for, particularly in Albania.[3]


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