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The war on men is the effort by feminists to take away men's rights and force them into constraints that will suit the wishes of feminists. These efforts include passing laws against child pornography and other sex offenses that disproportionately result in men's going to prison and facing probationary restrictions. It has been documented that the feminist movement was involved in the early efforts to ban child pornography in 1977[1] and that feminists were involved in making the age of consent laws, which had previously only restricted sexual access to young girls, gender neutral, so that young boys would also be covered.[2]

holocaust21 writes, "paedohysteria is essentially the frontline ideology in the feminist war on men. It dominates the news and convictions like nobody’s business. Apparently any law labelled an 'anti-paedophile' law is beyond criticism! This is dangerous and has got to the point that even many MRAs [men's rights activists] refuse to criticise paedohysteria except in some of the most vague terms."[3]


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