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YoungCity (YC) was an online message board for childlovers. It was founded by Tabris in the wake of being taken offline, and opened in February 28, 2010. It was online until January 31, 2018, where it was suddenly taken offline for presently unknown reasons.

The website featured various forums where users could ask questions and get advice, hold debates, and otherwise socialise with other childlovers in "an atmosphere of comfort and mutual respect." [1]


The early days

Founded by Tabris with technical assistance from Maxy, YoungCity was opened to the public on 28 February, 2010. Many of the original members of YC were "refugees" from after it was taken offline in November 2009. A temporary board named Tabbykins was set up by Tabris while YoungCity was built. As most of the original members were from, the majority of YC members were boylovers even though the board advertised itself as a childlover board.

Life of YoungCity

After Tabris decided to step away from the board scene, Underdog took over as owner for a brief period of time before turning it over to PartiBoi. With the help of Boi Helper, PartiBoi ran the board for the majority of its life.

In 2014, rumours circulated on BoyChat that its owner of the time, PartiBoi, had stolen money from board members. A reply by Boi Helper, using PartiBoi's BoyChat post handle, denied these rumours and labelled them as false.[2]

In July 2016, PartiBoi stepped away and many feared YC was lost forever.

On August 16, 2016 YC reopened its doors thanks to a new owner, Humanist Zombie. With the help of previous YC staff the board was recreated, re-hosted, and reopened.

On January 31, 2018, YC was taken offline for unknown reasons. There has been no public statement from YC administrators as to why the site went down or of whether it will be returning anytime in the future.


The board staff took security and privacy issues very seriously. Precautions included:

  • The main forum was SSL encrypted.
  • Members were encouraged to use TOR or VPN when using the forum.
  • IP addresses were never logged on the forum, nor are any incoming IP addresses during registration. As a result, no member of staff could see anyone's IP address.
  • All incoming registration emails addresses and usernames were checked with various sources (such as Facebook, search engines, etc.) to verify that the information provided isn’t linking to any real-world accounts. Any account found that linked to personal information of a member, they were messaged by their Guide, suggesting that they change their information to safeguard their privacy.
  • Inactive member accounts were regularly purged.
  • The board was moderated diligently to ensure content was legal in most international jurisdictions, while allowing members as much freedom to express themselves as was considered safe.
  • The use of the board's facilities for any illegal activity was strictly prohibited, and any member who placed the board at risk by engaging in such activity had their membership to terminated immediately.
  • Regular security updates were posted by management to ensure members were kept up to date with both the latest threats to their security and to keep them advised of the latest recommendations for combating current threats.


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