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Anarchopedia is a wiki project that was designed exclusively to be about anarchism, as well, it is an experiment in anarchy. The Wiki is also an anarchistic community.

Article About Pedophilia

It has an article about paedophilia that almost copies Wikipedia's article. [1] In it's Talk Page, a section where a user wises to rewrite the article from a nutural point-of-view, a user is proposing to delete this article, since it "is not about Anarchism".[2] A different user criticized the boylove movement by saying that pedophiles are arrogant. User further criticizes why the article on pedophihia should be written from a common point of view, "Would we accept an article about slavery that talks about how "many Negroes actually enjoyed field work and were disappointed by Emancipation" or about women's rights that claims that women actually prefer to be cattel? Perhaps an article about Shoah denial that doesn't point out that Shoah deniers are complete frauds? One hopes that the problem is obvious here as well. It's hard to see how there's any discussion at all."[3] .

There is truth to what she says. accepting an article on any wiki, for example, about slavery that argues that some African-Americans supposedly enjoyed being slaves, about women's rights that claim that women actually preferred to have less rights then men, or that dosen't point out the truth that Holocaust (Shoah) deniers are not telling the truth and are falsely rewriting history, would not only be inaccurate, but profoundly wrong. When it comes to pedophilia, though, it is far more complex than this. In a way though, supporting pedophiles to some is like claiming that children enjoy child sexual abuse or having their rights violated, which, from their point of view, is wrong and immoral, not to mention unlawful.



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