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Framing, (or reframing) in psychology refers to how something is "framed," or interpreted, described, and delineated. There are many ways that any situation or activity may be "framed," depending on the point (or points) of view and the attitudes of the one doing the framing (or reframing).

For example, the act of a BoyLover making friends with a boy (even with no sexual intent on the BoyLover's part) will usually be "reframed" by a psychologist as a "pedophile" who is grooming a boy.

The BoyLover frames the situation as one where the boy has agency--the boy can accept or reject the BoyLover's offer of friendship. The psychologist, on the other hand, frames the situation as one of manipulation, and deceit--the "pedophile" is deceiving the boy into thinking that the "pedophile" genuinely likes the boy, while, in actuality, the "pedophile" is only pretending to be friendly, with the only intention being having sex with the boy, and then abandoning the boy. In most cases, this type of "framing" on the part of the psychologist is mistaken. But this "framing" is part of the BoyLover child-abuse narrative, which is accepted without question by the psychologist.

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