Pederasty (dictionary)

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This is a dictionary entry. The main entry can be found at: Pederasty
BoyWiki Dictionary: Pederasty (dictionary)
n /ˈpɛ.də.ræs.ti/ /ˈpɛd.ɛrəs.ti/ From Ancient Greek παιδεραστία (love of boys), from παιδεραστής (pederast), from παῖς (genitive παιδός) (child, son, boy) + ἐραστής (lover), from ἐράσθαι (to lοve), from ἐράω (to love passionately, to long for).

¹ Erotic love, sexually expressed or chaste, between a man and an adolescent boy.

² (archaic) Anal intercourse in general, usually between a man and an adolescent boy.

³ is often used interchangeably with the term boylove.

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