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Russia is a country in both Europe and Asia and has a territory of about 17 million square km and population of ~143 million people, 79% of whom are Russians.

Boyloving in Russia

Boylovers feel more free than in most of countries of the West, because Russian militia (police) are not capable of efficiently fighting such things as cyber-crime, violation of copyright, moral damage, sexual harassment etc.

In Russian society, homosexuals are usually insulted and discriminated against. Tolerance is not a common feature in this country. Boylovers are not considered human at all. Still, there's little anti-pedo hysteria like that found in Western societies.

Russian Internet Boylove Community

The major BL forums include TrouBLes Forum ( and Griffindor ( Once free for registration for everyone, due to the activity of Anti-BL's both now have closed registration and you need to contact someone already registered to recommend you.

In the early 2010s, was a popular site for exchanging legal photos of boys and making admiring comments. As of 2015, collections of photos were more likely to be password-protected from casual viewing by the public.

Anti-Boylove in Russia

A group of activists headed by Mr. Klushev (he is a deputy in some small Russian town) is the main Anti-BL force in the Russian internet. Klushev is believed to be mentally ill which is obvious from his extremely odd, inadequate behaviour. For example, it is well known he uses hundreds of different nicknames and makes these characters talk to each other on his forum as if they all were individual people. On his forum he also creates "puppets" with names of some well-known BL's and has them talk to each other too. To be noted are the specific language and manners he uses in his bizarre pantomimes which would make anyone wonder about his sanity.

Some uncautious BL's used the same passwords to register on Klushev's board as they used on Griffindor and Troubles-Forum and their accounts were turned into "zombies" used for espionage and sabotage.

Klushev and his team are responsible for revealing many online BL's real names, phone numbers and whereabouts, some of this data was used by Russian law machinery which resulted in imprisonment of those BL's.

Travel restrictions

In 2013, legislation was introduced in the Russian Duma that would bar foreigners from entering Russia if they were prosecuted for sexually abusing children in Russian Federation or abroad. The ban would also include individuals convicted of having produced child pornography or participated in child prostitution.[1]