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Samuel Weaver (April 1978 - 21 August 1992) was the son of Randy and Vicki Weaver who was killed by a US Marshall during the Ruby Ridge incident in 1992. Born in Cedar Falls, Iowa he was called Sammy by his family and friends.

Described as a "sickly child" Sammy relocated to Idaho with his family in 1983 and was reportedly excited about the move even though he had recently broken his leg. His parents purchased property near the town of Bonners Ferry in a remote location called Ruby Ridge, only 40 miles south of the US - Canadian border. Home Schooled by his mother, Sammy helped the family build their cabin on top of the ridge and the family lived without electricity or running water. By the time he was six-years-old his father Randy had taught him gun handling and shooting skills.

Looking forward to visits from his grandparents, Sammy would immerse himself in the books that they brought with them. By age nine he was memorizing encyclopedias and enjoyed adventure stories and fishing for brook trout which he would clean and bring home for meals.


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