Sarpedon (mythology)

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Sarpedon (/sɑrˈpiːdən, -ˈpiːdɒn/; Ancient Greek: Σαρπηδών; gen.: Σαρπηδόνος) was a common name in ancient Greece and in the Roman Empire.

The first Sarpedon was a son of Zeus and Europa, and brother to Minos and Rhadamanthus. He was raised by the king Asterion and then, banished by Minos, his rival in love for the young Miletus or Atymnius,[1] he sought refuge with his uncle, Cilix.[2] Sarpedon conquered the Milyans, and ruled over them;[3] his kingdom was named Lycia, after his successor, Lycus, son of Pandion II.[4] Zeus granted him the privilege of living three generations.


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