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Sean007 was third webmaster of BoyChat between June 1996 and July 1997. He started the board ChatHaven in 1996 in response to an insurge of suspected fake boys. Of the first three BC webmasters, Sean is the only one who remains active in the on-line BL community.

Sean's style of "absent leadership" inspired the Alexis principle on BoyChat. Sean never took sides in personal disputes on the board and rarely said anything about them other than to quietly ask people to be less combative. His only management technique, which remained an amusing secret to insiders for several years, was to disable parts of the posting script during moments of heated disputes and then later claim that the "Script Monster" had been responsible. The Script Monster was a BoyChat term for the effects of a small collection of bugs that were part of the original board technology. Many of the policies still currently in place such as the seven rules were first instituted during his stewardship of BoyChat.