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  • {{research}} Children involved in intergenerational sexual relationships do not show a set patter
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  • ...hild relationships that don't involve a [[power imbalance]]. Children ride on school buses that do not include adult passengers, and adult visitors are n ...the same forms of public transportation (e.g. {{w|jeepney|jeepneys}}) that children ride.
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  • {{research}} ...12 or 14.<ref name="bullough">[[Vern Bullough|Bullough, Vern L.]] (2004). "Children and adolescents as sexual beings: a historical overview," ''Child and Adole
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  • ...have been [[reconceptualization|reconceptualized]] within the minds of the children -- the (supposed) "victims" of the so-called "child sexual abuse" -- which ...without question, that adult-child sexual activity did cause great harm to children.
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  • {{research}} [[Research: Family Environment|Our page on family environment]] demonstrates that the relationship between adult-child
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  • {{research}} ...ert an independently negative effect, this raises the issue that, when the effects of 'child sexual abuse' (CSA) are studied, some or most of problems correla
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  • {{research}} ...ort the equally flawed myth that ''everybody'' is a considerable threat to children.
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  • {{research}} ...ldren from fulfilling their erotic capacities. Other sources are available on [ PRD].
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  • ..., in which people react to a particular choice in different ways depending on whether it is presented as a loss or as a gain. ...listic loss is preferred to a definite loss. One of the dangers of framing effects is that people are often provided with options within the context of only o
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  • ...e [[Crimes against Children Research Center]], Co-Director of the [[Family Research Laboratory]] and Professor of Sociology at the University of New Hampshire Whilst Finkelhor is probably the most frequently cited research authority on what (partially due to his own advocacy) has become known as [[child sexual
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  • ...about 50% of men who molest children have a discernible sexual interest in children apart from their offence."<ref name="tdiphfeb6">{{cite news |author= Autho ...ho knew him as a sex offender under one name might know who to keep an eye on now that he had a new name, it made it harder for people to persecute .. er
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  • '''HCR 107''' was passed on 30 July 1999 by the 106th Congress of the [[United States|United States of ...t of our society is more critical to the future of human survival than our children; (Enrolled as Agreed to or Passed by Both House and Senate)'''
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  • .... His work in the area continues to be profoundly influential. Some of his research concerned adult-child sexual contacts: ...fenders may very well have serious effects on the ability of many of these children to work out sexual adjustments some years later in their marriages."
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  • {{research}} ...could fabricate such an event as an excuse for their erotic attraction to children. [...]
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  • ...c [[sexophobes]] and [[antisexual]]s who have made it their cause to "save children" from any possible exposure to sex or sexuality. ...duckduckgo]] search, not realizing, or forgetting, that there's an article on it here.</ref>
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  • [[age of consent]], or a person under the age of 18 or 21 (depending on the legal jurisdiction). Therefore, the question of whether a young person ..."sexual activity" with an (unwitting) woman customer when he helps her try on a new pair of shoes?
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  • {{research}} ...e the idea of online communities as a gateway to abuse of minors. However, research indicates that sexual solicitation is extremely rare and nearly always cons
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  • <p>Best, Joel: <i>Threatened Children: Rhetoric and Concern about Child-Victims</i>. Chicago: Univ. of Chicago Pr <p>Constantine, Larry L. &amp; Martinson, Floyd M.: <i>Children and Sex: New Findings, New Perspectives. </i>Boston: Little, Brown and Comp
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  • ...erasts and pedophiles, and to demonstrate how so much of the research done on the subject is badly flawed. ...The site is not currently being updated, and may lack commentary on recent research.]
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  • ...aphy]] increases sex crimes and child abuse. In the abstract for the study on ''Pornography and Sex Crimes in the Czech Republic'' he wrote, "Of particul ...y]]. In the early seventies, Diamond and Money were attending a conference on transgenderism in Dubrovnik. According to the book ''As Nature Made Him: Th
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