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Stinson Hunter (born 10 October 1981) formally known as Kieren Parsons, is an English film maker, vigilante, and self-proclaimed journalist best known for appearing lead role in the documentary, The Paedophile Hunter which aired on October 1, 2014 on Channel 4. [1]

In 2009, Hunter started trolling the internet for potential targets by becoming a vigilante and taking part in several "sting" type entrapment operations which has lead to 20 plus convictions and at least one death [2] of men who were systematically lured by Hunter into meeting fictitious minors for alleged sexual purposes. Stinson has also taken to tabloid journalism and wrote an article review for Closer Online about the British Channel 4 television documentary, "The Paedophile Next Door". [3]

The person currently known as Stinson Hunter has long criminal record of violence. He served 10 years in prison for arson against a school in 1999 which was used and attended by children but was closed due to it being the school summer holidays and a conviction for assault for which he served a 4 week prison term. When interviewed about his offenses, he was seemingly apologetic saying, "I was young and stupid". [4]

It has recently been reported that he has been involved in terrorizing young children on the internet by engaging in a practice known in the online gaming community as, "griefing". [5] Hunter has reportedly been vandalizing the virtual worlds that children had constructed in the online version of the game Minecraft and deliberately irritating and harassing the children playing the game, presumably for his own amusement.[6] [7]


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