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This page has just been created and will be expanded considerably shortly.

Applied sex economy is self-therapy and self-realization based on the principles of sex economy. It is the most potent tool for these aims available among all conventional and alternative approaches. The science of sex economy is the 1920s founding ground for all of Wilhelm Reich's later developments and body-psychotherapy modalities since in the neo-Reichian tradition.

Applied sex economy is a principal tool for actualizing holotropic homosexuality.

Power and (absence of) limitations

Applied sex economy will take you deeper and further than even Reich and Ola Raknes in their time could predict. There is no "glass ceiling" with this modality such as exists with every other spiritual and therapeutic modality in existence.

It is a fully consolidated process which will take on the world's hidden controlling powers head on and overcome them without there being anything in their repertoire that can stop you. ALL resistance which you can and will experience from your social surroundings reflecting the super-ego and ultimately the incumbent power structure will be defeated and sublimated in a sustained and consolidating process. All vexations, pain and frustration you will experience will only be within your tolerance range.

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