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Who is holding the pen?

My full name is Peter Hooper and below I offer the address of my Blog. Here is a brief outline of what guides the pen when I write.

The topic of sexuality, with minor attraction being a focus for that conversation, has been a part of my story for as long as I can remember, and currently I am 59 years old. At this point in time the set of questions that concern me are those that deal with how those who are minor attracted shape a life for themselves. The hostility to such people has, in my view, never been as hostile or as discriminatory.

A second concern, and it is linked to what I have said, concerns what life is like for the young person who chooses to be close to a person who is older, often much older. This person's narrative has been hijacked just as the older person might feel their narrative is crafted by those who hate and fear them. That process has taken the shape of the victim, the non-actor, the one whose agency cannot include yes. For me, and this has been a generational concern for many my age, are the issues of reciprocity, choice, and freedom. The modern narrative of sexual assault and victimology has scooped out the very heart of the emancipatory discourses that emerged in the 1970s and 1980s.

Since my return to my country of origin - for about 14 years I lived and worked as an academic in Asia - my life has been shaped by further study in sociology. Earlier in life I think the individual was a bit more central, where religion, philosophy, education, and problem solving were highlighted. My various professional hats reflected this. Now that difficulty for the individual is very much the issue of how this needs to be explored as a concern for whole societies. It Involes a shift in focus where one begins a talk by speaking about a person and their difficulty finding work, and the discussion moves into a much more complex set of questions that deal with how a society and a culture deals with unemployment.

My exploration of this perspective is accessible through what I offer on this Wiki and on my blog - Https://