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My apologies I had not thoroughly read many of the articles I submitted. I totally understand what you mean though and definitely don't want to get anyone in trouble for defamation or giving the appearance that we are using our enemies disgusting tactics. I will stick to less controversial subjects. Thanks for the warning. ImaginaryBoy

I wish to copy some articles from BoyWiki to Newgon Wiki (namely the articles on BoyWiki and Lifeline) what do I need to include, is a link to the original article sufficient? ImaginaryBoy

Just include a link to our article such as you have done here with Newgon articles. --Bigham 08:58, 22 August 2009 (GMT)

NW mirror

I think that the following articles you deleted could be of relevance to BW (from what I see here already), but may look clanging if they are restored to an incomplete wiki:

Definite relevance:

Barbara Ochoa, Brett Franklin, Gene Abel, Yvonne van Hertum, Charles Whitfield, Paul Fink

Possible relevance:

Child Lures, Anne M. Cox, Carol Vorderman, Chelsea Schilling, Elizabeth Kates

Also bear in mind that some of these articles are not yet up to NW standard, and will be worked on in the future. NewgonAdmin 17:32, 22 August 2009 (GMT)