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World-Unity logo is a new social network site (facebookish style) created for not only boylovers but also other Minor Attracted Persons and persons with "alternative sexualities". The goal of this site is to bring the world of BL, GL, CL, diaper lover, and other alternative sexualities together in one place.

Site does require registration to view all content. Membership is always free, and registrations are normally approved within 48 hours of confirmation of valid email.

Site is currently in its infancy, thus has very few members, and not very active at the time of this writing.

About: The Vision

World-Unity was created by RyanJames in late 2015 and opened officially in January of 2016. The main reason for creating the site was to offer something other than just a regular board, and more of a "social networking" where users could post to a timeline, meet and follow friends, post pictures and videos, create blogs, events, groups, etc. Think of it like a Facebook for BLs. The eventual goal is to have a site where not just BLs are a part of it, but also GLs, CLs, and persons of other "alternative" sexualities. Basically, the purpose is to unite the world in a way that benefits all the MAP communities in their ultimate goal of acceptance.

About: Server Shutdown

Due to circumstances beyond the power of the owners, the host had decided to shut down the server that housed World Unity, and therefore the owners lost just about everything contained therein, including all databases and backups. Site was down for several months while owners rebuilt the site. Site is now back up as of September 1, 2017. All memberships were completely lost with loss of database so all past members will be required to reregister under the new site.

Website has been visited various times in August 2022 and it appears that it no longer exists but the Wayback Machine has archived the non password protected pages, like the frontpage.


The board staff takes security and privacy issues very seriously. Precautions include:

  • Site is completely SSL secure, thus will only work under HTTPS
  • No member of staff, regardless of their position, can see IP addresses.
  • IP addresses are never logged on the forum, nor are any incoming IP addresses during registration.
  • Inactive membership accounts are regularly purged.
  • The Board is moderated diligently to ensure content is legal in most international jurisdictions, while allowing members as much freedom to express themselves as is considered safe. To this end, the content might be considered relatively benign and conservative.
  • The use of the board's facilities for any illegal activity is strictly prohibited and any member placing the membership at risk by engaging in such activity can expect their membership to be terminated immediately.[1]


(Website no longer exists, checked August 2022)

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