(Boylove Documentary Sourcebook) - The Sexual Initiation of Dale Winton

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Dale Jonathan Winton (1955–2018).

From "The Sue Carroll Interview: I've had a little nip and tuck. I'm not vain, if you're in TV it's part of the job; Exclusive: Dale Winton on Sex and Cosmetic Surgery" by Sue Carroll, in The Daily Mirror, October 23, 2002.

He understood his "drives" as he put it by the age of 14 when he lost his virginity.

"I knew I was gay then," he says, "and so I slept with a man. I wasn't abused, it was consensual. I never felt that it was wrong. I think sex is great, one of the best things in life that's free.

Boys' Shirts. Sewing pattern envelope for Advance Pattern Company #3348 (ca. 1963).

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