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This page contains a list of news articles that were featured on Portal:Boylove News Channel in 2014.

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News article related to Azov Films. (Bernie Najarian)
News article related to Azov Films. (Bernie Najarian)
News article related to Azov Films. (Bernie Najarian)
News article related to Azov Films. (Bernie Najarian)
German politician embroiled in controversy related to Azov Films.
(also known as the Yewtree Inquisition and the Savile Inquisition) is a police investigation into historical sexual abuse allegations in the UK some dating back more than 50 or 60 years.
Several British politicians including Harriet Harman (Labour Deputy) and Patricia Hewitt (Health Secretary) and a judge (Lord Justice Fulford) and Peter Thornton, the Chief Coroner have been servery criticized in the tabloid press for their peripheral connection with PIE while promoting civil liberty in the 70's and early 80's.
American film director, screenwriter and producer known for his work on the X-men series accused in a civil lawsuit of sexual assault of a minor.
The International Megan's Law bill now before Congress/ a systematic effort to erode the foreign travel rights of American “registered sex offenders. (News article, David Kennerly)
Moodys targeted Charles Parker because he was a registered sex offender, and Jeremy Moody admitted to authorities that he had planned to kill another registered sex offender before being caught.(TIM KIMZEY -
The justices said in a 5-4 ruling that a 1994 federal law gives victims the right to seek restitution from offenders, but only to the extent that the victim’s losses are tied to the offenders’ actions.” (Mark Sherman, Daily Journal) (See: Voodoo Molestation and US Law)
Harman and pals are discovering the cost of putting the past on trial. (Tim Black - spiked, UK)
Jesse Ryan Loskarn, a former aide to Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) who faced charges of possessing and distributing child pornography, hanged himself and died Thursday in a Maryland home, his family and police officials said Friday. ( Article related to Azov Films Prosecutions.
How the language of child protection can be used to undermine adult authority. (Dennis Hayes - spiked, UK)
The failure of a few prosecutions won't stop the crusade. (Frank Furedi - spiked, UK)
The NSPCC certainly seems to be ahead of all other charities in grabbing headline news. Barely a day goes by without one of its press releases being turned, uncritically, into a shocking news story. (Jane Sandeman - spiked, UK)
A former missionary who admitted taking pornographic photos of children while working with a tribe in the Amazon region of Brazil was sentenced on Tuesday to 58 years in a US prison. (South China Morning Post)
The legal treatment of people caught with child pornography is so harsh that they can end up serving longer sentences than people who actually abuse children. (The Washington Post)
The legislative scheme underlying current child pornography laws in the U.S. goes much further than addressing the actual harm caused by viewing or possessing such images. ( The Huffington Post)
Censors have refused classification for a 30-year-old award-winning Swedish film (aka Barnens ö), in effect banning it, after an application by the Australian Federal Police. (The Sydney Morning Herald, Au)
One of the many pressing stories that remains to be told from the Snowden archive is how western intelligence agencies are attempting to manipulate and control online discourse with extreme tactics of deception and reputation-destruction. (The Intercept)
Every child in Scotland is to be assigned a “state minder” from birth under draconian new proposals that would enable the government to spy on families under the justification of preventing “child abuse”. (
The first celebrity to be hanged from Yewtree is unlikely to be the last. (Mick Hume - spiked, UK)
For some time now, paedophilia has been serving as a metaphor for the dread and self-loathing that dominates the imagination of Western elite culture. (Frank Furedi - spiked, UK)
The moral crusade against child abuse invents its own truth. (Tim Black - spiked, UK)
“As a barrister, Mr Thornton criticised the prosecution of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) after its leader was jailed.” ( The Daily Mail, UK)
Both believe in saving children from their parents. (Frank Furedi - spiked, UK) See: Paedophile Information Exchange.
If civil liberties groups won't defend free speech for the unpopular, what's the point of them? (Brendan O’Neill - spiked, UK)
Sebastian Edathy the politician who last year presented the German parliament's acclaimed report on bungled police probes into a neo-Nazi murder spree has denied a media allegation of possessing child pornography. ( Deutsche Welle)
The dangers behind the NSPCC’s campaign to criminalise ‘emotional abuse’.(Frank Furedi - spiked, UK)
Making reporting of child abuse mandatory will not help children. (Frank Furedi - spiked, UK)
After Rolf, the Westminster ‘child sex ring’: why the paedo-scare won’t die. (Brendan O’Neill - spiked, UK)
Discussion of the new act which will mean that, from birth, each child in Scotland will have a specific state-appointed professional, a ‘named person’, to oversee their interests, and, in particular, to oversee their safety. (Stuart Waiton - spiked, UK)
Account of a teenages exploits with older men. (Mark S. King - HuffPost )
"One of my earliest memories though was of me being in love with our garbage man." ( Noah Michelson - Driftwood)
The Center for Sexual Justice and the criminalization of gay youth.
(Andrew Extein, MSW - HuffPost )
The Scottish government’s plan to provide every child with a ‘state guardian’ is downright scary. (Josie Appleton - spiked, UK)
An editorial from The New York Times on Pedophilia.(Margo Kaplan - New York Times, US)
Justice is the greatest victim of these PR-driven witch-hunts. (Frank Furedi - spiked, UK)
Michael Buckley admitted to police that he had been downloading child porn on a near-daily basis since 2005 (Chris Osuh - the Daily Mirror)
9 year-old is already well known for his crush on Darren Criss of Glee. His father 'Dave' writes: (HuffPost)
Sexting among youth is more prevalent than previously thought, according to a new study. More than 50 percent of those surveyed reported that they had exchanged sexually explicit text messages, with or without photographic images, as minors. The study also found that the majority of young people are not aware of the legal ramifications of underage sexting. (ScienceDaily)
The myth of powerful, protected perverts has been around for decades. (Barbara Hewson - spiked, UK)
Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens’ file is supposed to name the paedophiles at the heart of the British establishment – but much the same was alleged by Noel Pemberton Billing in 1918. (James Heartfield - spiked, UK)
The abuse scandal exposes the dangers of welfarism and multiculturalism. (Brendan O’Neill - spiked, UK)
Our draconian policies about sex offenses reflect our ignorance of them. (Matt Mellema, Chanakya Sethi, and Jane Shim - Slate, US)
Podcast: Frank Furedi, Barbara Hewson and Luke Gittos on the latest scandals. (spiked podcast - spiked, UK)
The “Sex Offender” Regime is Cruel and Unusual Punishment (Judith Levine - CounterPunch, US)
THE peak group representing Australian artists has welcomed the Magistrates’ Court’s dismissal of child porn charges against artist Paul Yore, who walked free this morning. (Dana McCauley - Port Phillip Leader, AU)
Martin Goldberg's body was discovered in his home on September 10, one day after he was visited by police officers investigating allegations that he had bought material online, from abroad, which may have included images of naked teenage boys.(Luke Jacobs - Essex Chronicle, UK)
An alleged victim of sexual assault is speaking out and defending the woman accused in the case. He contacted CTV Ottawa saying he wanted to share his side of the story. (Katie Griffin - CTV-Video, Ca)
A culture of mistrust in Westminster meant this inquiry was doomed to unravel. (Frank Furedi - spiked, UK)
When a South Florida man was arrested a year ago, he insisted that inappropriate photographs of his three young children were simply normal "family portraits" of his nudist family. (WPTV- from the Sun Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale, Fla)
The Home Office may have covered up historic child abuse allegations - but what of the "Paedophile Information Exchange" group that was allegedly funded by the department? (Anna Leach, Sophie Warnes - The Mirror, UK)
Country singer Billy Gilman, who shot to stardom at age 11 with "One Voice," has come out as gay. (Curtis M. Wong - The Huffington Post )
Psychiatric terminology should convey information in as clear and unambiguous a manner as possible. In light of the associated stigma, that is especially so of the terms Pedophilia and Pedophilic Disorder. Although from a psychiatric perspective the term Pedophilia is intended to define a recognized clinical entity, in the collective consciousness of contemporary society, the term has become a demonizing pejorative. (Fred S. Berlin, MD, PhD - the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law)
Lionel Blair’s retirement from panto is a sad sign of the times. (Josie Appleton - spiked, UK)

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