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This page contains a list of news articles that were featured on Portal:Boylove News Channel in 2016.

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A new year has begun and because it is an election year it has started out with a roar. A roar that should frighten us all.
Despite the fact that the year is only a few days old, we are already facing two pieces of legislation that could significantly… (Janice, CA RSOL, US, January, 3, 2016)
A one-time Louisiana television personality, who was on the lam for 37 years after being accused of sexually assaulting children on a camping trip, was behind bars Tuesday in San Diego following his arrest near Chula Vista. (City News Service, The times of San Diego, US, January 26, 2016)
Police in Quebec say they have arrested 13 people who allegedly exchanged advice on ways to sexually abuse children without raising suspicion (Thoughtcrime). (The Canadian Press, The Mississauga News, Ca, January 27, 2016)
Follow up:

Vicious heterosexual murderer has her sentence more than doubled

Original term of three and a half years handed to Sarah Sands for stabbing Michael Pleasted to death ruled unduly lenient. (Press Association, The Guardian, UK, January 22, 2016)
When I was growing up, in a Jewish family in Brooklyn in the 1950s, Hitler and the Holocaust were common subjects of conversation in my household. Though at the time it all seemed like ancient history — (David Post - The Washington Post, US, January 6, 2016)
When police arrived at her house to arrest her on May 8, 2013, Tammy Bond turned to her niece and said: “Aunt Tammy did something wrong.” (Erica R. Meiners, In These Times, US, February, 18, 2016)

Former headmaster of elite private school appeals child porn conviction to Delaware Supreme Court

The Delaware Supreme Court seemed to agree Wednesday with a lawyer representing former Tower Hill School headmaster Christopher D. Wheeler that a search warrant used to find child pornography on Wheeler’s computer was overly broad, and therefore, not valid. (Jessica Masulli Reyes, The News Journal , US, January 20, 2016)
As one hysteria is exposed, another replaces it. (Tim Black - spiked, UK, February 9, 2016)

Man OK With Pedophilia Loses Bid to Teach Kids

HONOLULU (CN) - The University of Hawaii did not violate a student's First Amendment rights by deciding he was unfit to become a teacher because he said "child predation should be legal," the Ninth Circuit ruled Tuesday. (JULIE ST. LOUIS, Courthouse, News Service, US, December 30, 2015)
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First Amendment needs to come first (Irene Fang, Ka Leo, US, January 11, 2016)
Three Newtown High School students have been charged with selling sexually explicit pictures and videos of their classmates. Twenty other students were referred to a juvenile review board for reportedly sharing those images with friends. (Nelson Oliveira - The News Times, US, January 28, 2016)
Imagine a 9-year-old branded a sex offender for life. Oh wait. In America, in 2016, you don’t have to imagine.( this is an article originally by Lenore Skenazy but now reposted on the RSOL site, US, January 18, 2016)
We may still have the chance to stop this piece of legislation. I know HR 515 passing Congress hit everyone hard, but we cannot stop fighting. I am asking you to send a note directly to the president asking him to use his veto powers. (Josh Gravens - RSOL, US, February 4, 2016)
Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, the heterosexuals have beheaded a young boy, Ayham Hussein for listening to pop music, which they are reported to believe is responsible for 'debauchery' and 'promoting homosexuality' .
( Joe Morgan , Gay Star News, UK, February 18, 2016)
A man sent to prison 18 years ago for molesting a child is expected to be released from state prison within a matter of weeks because it has been revealed that the key testimony used to convict him was fabricated.
(Elizabeth Larson , Lake County News, US, February 15, 2016)
The article fails to mention if he had a detectable HIV load or that the young man appears to have been a willing participant who Steele met on a gay hookup app. (Joe Morgan - Gay Star News, UK, February 25, 2016)
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On Friday, Six men were charged today in a lurid sex-abuse ring that stretched from Montgomery County to Oklahoma according to Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania Zane D. Memeger and Limerick Township Chief William Albany. The charges stem from an investigation that began when the parents of a 14 year old boy notified the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office of “"inappropriate material" on the boy's electronic devices. The parents notified the Limerick township police department which led the D.A.’s office to investigate in October of 2013. (Agnes Bedard -, US, April 28, 2014)
“Once homosexual, bisexual and transgender behaviour is elevated to a protected status, there is nothing to stop bigamy, pedophilia or any other sexual practice from receiving the same protection,” the lawmaker said. (Joseph Patrick McCormick - Pink News, US, February 13, 2016)
A New England-based fashion photographer whose work has appeared in catalogs for major clothing brands pleaded guilty to a federal child-pornography charge this month.(David Goodhue, Miami Hearld, US, January 31, 2016)
An Alabama lawmaker has a plan to permanently and physically punish someone convicted of certain sex offenses against children. The bill, known as HB 365, would make sex offenders have to get surgically castrated before they leave prison. (Matt Fernandez,, US, March, 4, 2016)
A Texas high school teacher who is also a church leader was charged last week with engaging in lewd conduct with boys during naked “sex parties” at his home.
( FOX News, US, March 21, 2016)
Ian Saum hunted down a random sex offender whom he looked up on the internet to "vindicate" wrongdoings, deputies said. A retired Navy officer fended off the vicious attack from a Saum, who was wielding a hammer and "acting really nervous and sweating", reports show.
( Christal Hayes , Orlando Sentinel, US, March 8, 2016)
Teens sexting can't be addressed by existing laws. Law enforcement -- which far too often chooses to involve itself in matters best left to parents -- bends child pornography laws to "fit" the crime. They often state they're only doing this to save kids from the harm that might result by further distribution of explicit photos. How exactly turning a teen into a child pornographer who must add his or herself to the sex offender registries is less harmful than the imagined outcomes cited by law enforcement is never explained. ( Tim Cushing - Techdirt, US, March 9, 2016)
How two troubled teens and a cop with a cause got dozens of Somali immigrants on the hook for child sex trafficking.
( Elizabeth Nolan Brown ,, US, March 4, 2016)
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West Virginia lawmakers, upon discovering that a young man working as a legislative intern was on the sex offender registry, promptly fired him and are now revising the hiring process to prevent a registrant from being hired in the future.
(Sandy Rozek, Gazette-Mail, US, April 20, 2016)
Army veteran Paul King struggles to find a place to call home. Shackled with poor health and a sexual-abuse conviction, King has seen his life deteriorate.
(Mark Bliss, Southeast Missourian, US, April 17, 2016)
Recently the New Yorker published a major article about juvenile “sex offenders.” The story, by staff writer Sarah Stillman, is far ranging, moving and important. Stillman writes about many young people who were caught doing anything from playing doctor to sexually coercing another person (usually another child). Convicted for sex crimes, some of these youth are incarcerated and subject to lifelong sex offender registration—a kind of social death sentence.
(Judith Levine – Erica Meiners, CounterPunch US, April 8, 2016)
Exactly 300 days after former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert was indicted on bombshell charges of paying hush money to cover up wrongdoing in his past, the words "sexual abuse" were finally uttered on the record. (Jason Meisner, Chicago Tribune, US, March 24, 2016)
Follow up
Dennis Hastert, once the longest-serving Republican House speaker in U.S. history, was sentenced Wednesday in federal court in Chicago to 15 months in prison for paying $1.7 million in hush money to cover up sexual abuse from decades ago.
(Jason Meisner , Jeff Coen and Christy Gutowski, Chicago Tribune, US, April 27, 2016)
The ACLU of Illinois, joined by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, today asked the state supreme court to strike down the “incredibly broad scope” of limitations contained in the state’s sex offender registry laws.
(Staff writer, ACLU, US, April 7, 2016)
Licensed Professional Counselor Robert Longo has been vocally opposed to public registries for convicted sexual offenders for years.
(Joshua Vaughn , RSOL, US, March, 28, 2016)
The passages of sexual offender registries have grabbed headlines as steps toward public safety against unchanging “predators” who are being released back into society.The registry laws themselves have cost billions of dollars and generally are passed with overwhelming support. But do they work? (Joshua Vaughn, The Sentinel, US, March, 26, 2016)
Agency disseminates hyperlinks purporting to be illegal videos of minors having sex, and then raids the homes of anyone willing to click on them. (Declan McCullagh, C|net, US, March 20, 2016)

The lawyer who found fame representing Kim Davis has claimed that paedophiles are directly responsible for pushing transgender and LGB rights legislation.
(Nick Duffy, PinkNews , UK, May 10, 2016)
Former lorry driver Ralph Clarke faces 29 allegations dating back to the 1970s and 1980s.
(Ross McCarthy, Birmingham Mail, UK, May 9, 2016)
A student at Red Mountain High School in Mesa is facing dozens of criminal charges for indecent exposure after a prank got published in the yearbook, according to the Mesa Police Department.
(Mike Gertzman, Derek Staahl, CBS 5 (KPHO) , US, May 4, 2016)
In 2015, the FBI hacked Tor to identify users of child sex websites. Now a judge has thrown out evidence acquired during the investigation.
(Jamie Condliffe, Gizmodo, US, April 21, 2016)
A shopkeeper has slammed locals in Southend who claimed to have “smashed a paedophile ring” by confiscating a tourist’s camera.
(Anthony Pearce, Yahoo!News, US, April 11, 2016)
One sentence in a 1986 mass-market magazine continues to sway court cases involving sex offenders.
(Steven Yoder, Pacific Standard, US, May 27, 2016)
More than 750,000 Americans are currently registered as sex offenders. That is a fact. But that is just about the only hard fact when it comes to sex offenders, a group that social scientists struggle to secure funding to study and that communities react to with predictable opprobrium.
(Sarah Sloat, Inverse, US, May 25, 2016)
Florida kicked off the Halloween season early and made some inroads into Thanksgiving and Christmas also. They approved changes in the language of the law that addresses where those designated as sexual offenders and sexual predators may not go and what decorations they cannot display.
(Sandy, RSOL, US, May 11, 2016)
The FBI didn’t need to obtain a warrant before investigators hacked the computer of a man suspected of viewing child pornography, a federal judge ruled Thursday.
(Andrew Blake - The Washington Times, US, June 25, 2016)
Sgt. Kreg Costa, 42, was rushed to a Broward County Medical Center on Wednesday after suffering a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was pronounced dead at 11:27 p.m., according to the sheriff’s office.
( News Staff, Palm Beach Post, US, June 16, 2016)
Newspaper reports 62-year-old James Cottingham, who teaches photography at the township high school, was arrested Thursday and charged with a third-degree crime, promoting obscene material.
( Michelle Caffrey , , US, June 1, 2016)
Lurid and salacious court cases have always compelled the public's attention. Much of the nation will therefore have been gripped by the recent trial of a woman accused of paying a 12-year-old boy for sex — with Mars Bars as the currency — while working decades ago as a matron at a boarding school in Eastbourne.
(Dominic Lawson, the Daily Mail, UK, May 15, 2016)
A white supremacist couple smiled and kissed yesterday when sentenced to two consecutive life sentences each for killing a sex offender and his wife.
(Charles Smith, Watchthis! , US, May 14, 2016)
It’s little wonder people are fearful of making abuse allegations.
(Barbara Hewson - spiked, UK, May 25, 2016)
The belief that sexual abuse is uniquely traumatising is damaging to victims.
(Luke Gittos - spiked, UK, April 18, 2016)
Cottage Grove man Monday admitted to setting fire to the future home of a sex offender, and was convicted of felony arson.
(Tony Galli, WGEM, US, April 11, 2016)
Follow up
Man gets 3 months jail for arson that burned home for sex offender
A town of Cottage Grove man was sentenced Friday to five years of probation for setting the fire that burned a home where a sexual offender, released from a state treatment facility, was supposed to live.
(Ed Treleven - Wisconsin State Journal, US, May 6, 2016)
Operation Midland may have closed, but the elite obsession with child abuse continues. (Tim Black - spiked, UK, March 22, 2016)
President Obama signed HR 515 into law on February 8. The law will require federal agencies to notify destination countries that registered citizens are coming to visit as well as to require the Secretary of State to add a “unique identifier”….
( CA RSOL, US, February 8, 2016)
See also, International Megan's Law
Tom O'Carroll, 70, former chairman of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), who once called for the abolition of age-of-consent laws in the UK was today suspended from Labour party in a move that appers to be an attempt to embarrass and destabilize the current leadership of the Labour Party by associating the party leader with Mr. O'Carroll. (Emma Glanfield - The Daily Mail, UK, February 16, 2016)
Like the young shepherd who battled the giant Goliath, Major David Ellis slayed Charles Rodrick in federal district court this week... Rodrick’s websites at one time required individuals to pay up to $500 to have their name, photo, home address and other personal information removed.
(Janice, CA RSOL, US, July 3, 2016)
By Norm Pattis . . . I’m not hopping on the bandwagon circling the Santa Clara County, California, courthouse. Don’t add my name to the million-plus names of those calling for the scalp of Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky. Far from a goat, Judge Persky is a hero.
(rwvnral, RSOL, US, June 15, 2016)
We should be used to them by now. The most infamous, of course, is the “frightening and high” recidivism risk assigned to those on the registry every time a politician opens his mouth to justify a new law or restriction…
(Sandy, RSOL, US, June 14, 2016)