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Blog (also called a weblog, a combination of web and log) refers to an online journal consisting of a set of written entries from an author or group of authors, updated regularly, pertaining to a topic or set of topics.

Brief History

Blogs gained notoriety throughout the late 90's, after the first online diary was published in 1994 by Swarthmore College student Justin Hall. The term "weblog" was coined by Jorn Barger on Dec. 17, 1997. The term refers to the process of "logging the web" while surfing, according to Barger. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary declared "blog" as the word of the year in 2004, illustrating the term's acceptance by popular culture.

Boylove Involvement

Some boylovers have found blogs to be the perfect environment to express ideas, concerns and questions concerning today's society. Many blogs allow feedback by visitors, known as comments, which often sparks debates among users.

A blog sometimes gives boylovers a way to spread thoughts and ideas without the need to reveal the real identity, but many hosting companies will refuse to host openly boylover blogs, an specialist free speech hosts can be necessary to guarantee that webhosting companies do not bow to outside pressure, some people have hosted in free platforms like or, any boylover blogging should at the very least get their own domain name so that if the site is taken down the domain will remain on their hands and can be redirected to a new host, they should also make website back ups often to avoid losing hours of work.


You MUST be certain of two things:

  • 1) you have a very strong password on your blog
  • 2) that if the antis somehow are able to take over your blog, that you protest vigourously to the blog provider, and publicize what happened on other sites to blacken the blog-provider's name and to shame its owners.

Popular Blogs

Popular Blogs:edit
  • take a risk nz - New Zealand native discusses various topics of interest. (Blog, New Zealand)
  • Fight Back ‘Calling attention to the hypocrisy of American culture’ over treatment of MAPs. (Blog, US)