From BoyWiki (other names: BLo, BLO, Boylover's Organisation) was an online message board for boylovers founded by Steven, and opened up on February 6, 2010. It was closed on February 15, 2018, after several thousand DMCA takedown notices were maliciously sent to the board's host. Despite negotiations, the host had decided to terminate BLo's hosting account. is not affiliated with, despite the similarities in their name.


BLo was opened on February 6, 2010, by Steven, in the wake of being taken down.

In August 2012, BLo was hacked by an unknown party and were forced to restart as a result of damage done by this attack. In a statement which the board released at that time, they stated that the privacy of user information (such as email addresses and IP addresses) was compromised.[1]

On August 24, 2014, BLo's Twitter feed tweeted that the site had been offline because of a dispute with their host. While their website was online, they had started looking for a new host. To ensure continuance of the board, a site backup was taken and later used to build BLo on a new host just under four months later, on June 12. By June 26, they had moved to their new host and were fully operational again.[2][3]

Starting in January, 2018, BLo started to receive DMCA (Ditigal Millennium Copyright Act) takedown requests. The host was initially tolerant to these, but in early February the board was given an ultimatum to either file a counter-claim, or to have their hosting terminated. On February 15, BLo was taken offline by the host.


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