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BoyPlanet (other names:, Boy Planet, BPN, BPn) is an online message board primarily for boylovers founded in November 2017. It is noted to have an almost identical landing page to

Unlike traditional boards, BPN does not permit the use of emails at any point. Members who register cannot enter in or utilise an email account. As a result of this both password recovery and username changes are not available to any board member, including staff.[1]

There are various forums in the main board for subjects of interest to boylovers, in addition to galleries. The site features forums in several languages, including German and Spanish. There is also a small section of forums dedicated to girllovers, titled GirlPlanet.

While BoyPlanet shares a theme identical to that of the now-defunct, the two sites are not associated with one another.


The original BoyPlanet was created in 2009 as a space-themed boylove forum. It was short-lived and shut down within the year by its owner, who was using an unknown alias at the time.[2]

In late 2017, BPN's founder recognised a need for another board in the community and decided to recreate his former site. In doing so, he decided to borrow the former theme of as it had already been proven to work and would be familiar for older community members. The new site started development on October 24, 2017, and was released to the public on December 1, 2017, after just over a month of development work by Damien, Underdog, and several other BPN staff members.[3] Most of this period of time was spent setting up the forums and themes to closely match those of, and removing all email functionality from the forum software.

BPN appeared on BoyLinks on December 31, 2017.

On March 9, 2018, BPN started hosting a status checker developed by FalseAlias for Ethos Magazine. The status checker network currently consists of three status checkers, with the other two being on and

In December 2018, BPN changed its minimum age requirement from 16 to 18.


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