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Malformed links. Namespace problem?

A link such as [[Age of Consent]] does not currently work correctly because it ''should'' be [[Age of consent]] or [[age of consent]] or [[age_of_consent]].

See: Age of Consent vs. Age of consent or age of consent or age_of_consent.

You can see my edit which corrects this in the article:


... which I found here:

... as #944 of the list...

...which gives the option to "create the page":

There is a "Search" option given, which sometimes will find the correct page, but training the readers to understand and use this option is not very realistic, and the "Search" does not help the Editors much, either, as no option is given to create a "redirect" for the original error.

The Special:WantedPages has many similar errors. To manually fix these errors would be very tedious and time consuming. There are ways to automatically fix these kinds of errors - for example, by using "bots" to automatically create "redirects" for these kinds of errors.

This is important, and should be looked into by someone.

This seriously affects the "usability" of BW.

When readers click on links, they expect to find another article. When clicking these kinds of malformed links, the reader becomes frustrated.

Also, this is very confusing to Editors, as they then may create new pages when a page with the correctly-formed link may already exist. This has already happened a number of times.

You can see here:

... that the virtually-identical article does not give this same error, though the "malformed link" is identical, when you look at the page source.

So, as you see, the problem can be corrected.

User4 (talk) 12:28, 10 April 2014 (CEST)

I have asked the BoyWiki Counsel if bots will be allowed. It may take a few days to get a response. --Etenne (talk) 13:05, 10 April 2014 (CEST)