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(Redirected from (other names: BLN, BLn, was one of the world's largest online boylover communities, and was the largest online message board for boylovers. It was started in 2002, and shut down when the server was seized as part of Operation Rescue in 2009.

Note: As of January 2021, the Wayback Machine has blacklisted searches for the domain. Previously, these sources were accurate and displayed content accurate to what is being cited by each link.


BLN was started and run by LostBoy for its lifespan, starting on May 1, 2002, and ending November 25, 2009. Within a few months of its initial creation, the site underwent a major redesign and restructure after it "became a battle zone for interpersonal flaming, insult, and damage."[1] The redesign gave the board a friendlier feel and allowed it to better progress into a supportive environment. Language-specific forums, as well as a room for under 18s, were features of the site.

On July 27, 2003, BLN established as a "worldwide directory for the internet boylove community."[2]

Server transfer, tech issues, and FBI seizure

Somewhere in 2004, the BLN server was transferred from one location to another resulting in minor downtime. During this time an IP address was provided for users to visit the board with.[3] The reason for the server relocation is unknown.

On November 18, one of the BLN hard drives powering the site failed resulting in unexpected downtime. The IP address that previously granted access was disabled and the site, as well as, both went offline. Emails were also unable to be sent to either BLN or BoyLoverLinks, and LostBoy provided a gmail address. During the incident, it was stressed that no data was lost due to the failure. [4]

Between November 18 and December 2, the FBI seized the server hosting and as part of an investigation into the websites regarding their legality. BLN Relations Admin Joecool4218 had informed users via BoyChat that BLN had been taken offline due to a pending FBI investigation in response to a comment by another BoyChat poster.[5][6][7] At the time of the seizure, the site had 15,000 registered users.[8] BLN was back online by mid-January 2005 with user data allegedly not compromised. Two weeks of data was lost due to the sudden nature of the incident.[9]

Site shutdown

Main article: Operation Rescue

On November 25, 2009, a complex international investigation being run by Europol seized the server and arrested some of the site's senior members of staff. Joecool4218 and JagDawg were arrested by ICE, and LostBoy was arrested by Dutch police. In New Zealand Loren was also raided but was never arrested. BoyZoom, Loren's site, was temporarily closed while his access was removed, but the board announced permanent closure on December 1.[10][11][12]

On March 2011, a press conference held by Europol following the conviction of LostBoy provided details of the three-year investigation named Operation Rescue. It was announced that there were 184 arrests and 670 suspects were identified and investigated. They also stated that, at the time of the conference, 4202 intelligence reports had been distributed to over 30 countries.[13]


BLN was run through the Ultimate Bulletin Board software and had forums for a variety of languages including Spanish, Dutch, Russian, and Hungarian. There were also various forums for entertainment threads and pictures or videos in addition to literature forums and an area specifically for members under 18 years of age (where those over 16 were not permitted). In December 2005, the most popular forums were The Porch and The Entry, with The Poolside following in third. Of the foreign forums, Das Deutsche Zimmer and El Caurto Hispano were the two most popular with 91212 and 79998 posts respectively.[14]

Site design heavily featured: large, illustrative photographs; strong use of bright colors; and a multitude of icons. Color scheme was occasionally transformed, in recognition of significant or tragic events, to a monochromatic theme.[Citation needed]

Members were categorized according to their post count, with a member starting as "New Kid" and eventually becoming "Elder Brother" at 5000 posts. While this made it simple to tell oldtimers from newbies, it often led to members posting playfully in order to increase their post count, and hence their status.[15]

Site management was highly organized, and a team of Buddies were responsible for welcoming and guiding new members of the community. Highly respected members were sometimes named Mentors. Only one member, Friend, had been named Mentor.[Citation needed]

The site also featured a free online magazine called Modern Boylover Magazine which started in 2006. The latest issue of MBM was published in December 2015.

Security's rules and guidelines were intended to safeguard the site's legality according to United States law. A complex, three-tiered organization of nearly 100 volunteers served users of the site and enforced site policy.

Site administrators were been criticized for taking a cavalier attitude toward security problems.[Citation needed]

Some portals had warned against on grounds that the site allowed off-site image links, making IP harvesting relatively simple. Due to this, visitors were advised to turn off images when loading forums if they are worried about their surfing habits being analyzed by unknown and potentially hostile parties.[Citation needed]'s privacy policy was visually lengthy, and within that it was clearly stated that they collected IP addresses. Further, it was stated that they ( administration) would share personal information of members to comply with law enforcement or to protect the board. At the time, this was intended as a protection measure to ensure the site remains online and functioning within the law, and these practices were used out of necessity rather than of choice.[16]

Mission statement

The following was taken from's home page: provides a safe, supportive, and legal environment where boylovers, boys, and others interested in boylove can share thoughts, opinions, feelings, and experiences. Its forums are online meeting places where questions, advice, and debate take place freely in an atmosphere of comfort and mutual respect, and where educational material and information about boylove can be shared.


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