Boys on their contacts with men: a study of sexually expressed friendships (book)

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Boys on their contacts with men: a study of sexually expressed friendships, by Theo Sandfort, Elmhurst, NY: Global Academic Publishers (1987)

While a lecturer in psychology at the State University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, he interviewed 25 boys ranging in age from 10 to 16 who were currently involved in sexual relationships with adult men, and in 1984 he published a report of the interviews

(NOTE: A link to the on-line edition of the book may be found below.)

Table of Contents

Introduction - John Money
Publisher's Introduction
Foreword to the Dutch Edition
Pedophilia and Pedosexuality
The Original Investigation
The Beginning of the Friendship
Pedophile Friendships
Sex in Pedophile Friendships
Power Difference and Abuse of Power
The Opinions of Others
The Opinions of the Boys
The Importance of What the Boys Said
The Law
Summary and Conclusions
Appendix and References Cited
Appendix 1: The Research Method
Appendix 2: Interviews with Three Boys
Appendix 3: Average frequencies with which the boys experienced each emotion in connection with the sexual contact
References Cited

You may read a description of and criticism of his study here:


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    Boys on their contacts with men: a study of sexually expressed friendships may be read online at the following link:

    Three of the interviews from the book that he conducted with the boys are available:

    • "Three Interviews from the research of Theo Sandfort" Scroll down to pages 18-31.
    • Another article, "Experience World of Children in Paedophile Relations," by Drs Theo Sandfort (scroll down the .PDF file to pages 10-14):