Children's Island (film)

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Children's Island (film)
Year Released: 1980
MPAA Rating (USA): NR
Director: Kay Pollak
Starring: Tomas Fryk

Barnens ö (Children's Island) is a 1980 Swedish drama film directed by Kay Pollak, starring Thomas Fryk (born: September 18, 1966). It is based on the novel of the same name by P. C. Jersild. Filming took place between July and October 1979. The story is set in Stockholm where 11-year old Reine is on the verge of puberty and afraid of sexual maturity. He lives in a suburb with his single mother who wants to send him to a traditional Swedish summer camp (common at the time of the setting and managed by the cities for children in need of visiting the countryside. The title of the film is the name of the most well-known such camp). But Reine never goes to the camp, instead he stays in the city on his own. The film follows him around Stockholm that summer and shows what he encounters on the path of life and his coming to terms with his entry into adolescents.[1]

In 2014 because of some adult content and child nudity, Censors in Australia have effectively banned a this film, with anyone caught selling or showing the film in public risking hefty fines and up to ten years in prison. [2]


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