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Civil commitment or involuntary commitment is a legal process through which an individual with symptoms of severe mental illness is court-ordered into treatment in a hospital (inpatient) or in the community (outpatient).

"Civil commitment" is the latest legal tool used against so-called "sexual predators" (including BoyLovers) to deny them their civil rights, and confine them for life in a prison-like environment. As the laws against intergenerational sexual activity are politically motivated, BoyLovers are the newest "political prisoners" being sent the new American Gulag for their personal beliefs and sexual orientation.

By 1960, in response to high-profile sex crime cases, 26 states had statutes allowing for the indefinite civil commitment of "sexual psychopaths," instead of prison time. But they had almost all been repealed or fallen out of use by the time the first modern civil commitment statute was passed in 1990. Civil commitment is now law in 20 states, plus Washington, D.C. and the federal government.[1]

The U.S. Supreme Court, in Kansas v. Hendricks (521 U.S. 346 (1997), upheld Kansas's Sexually Violent Predator Act, which provided that any person who, due to "mental abnormality" or "personality disorder", is likely to engage in "predatory acts of sexual violence" can be indefinitely confined.


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