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Coltsfoot Press (ca 1976-1984) was one of the first publishing houses that specialized in boylove related fiction and erotica.


Coltfoot Press begun publishing in the mid 1970s in New York and was later bought by Spartacus in Amsterdam.

Little is known about its publishing in New York. Some have suggested that Coltsfoot Press was a different name for Oliver Layton Press which operated in the mid 1960s. Nevertheless, the only collection between the two is that the latter republished Casimir Dukahz's The Asbestos Diary.

In the early 1980s, Coltsfoot Press was bought and re-activated by Amsterdam-based publisher Spartacus, owned by John Stamford. Stamford employed Frank Torey as the general editor or Coltfoot Press. Under Torey the book format was changed from 24cm hardback to the cheaper 18cm paperback and new titles were published along the reprints. Torey also begun publishing the Panthologies, series of boylove short stories anthologies which were later continued as the Acolyte Readers.

Finally, Coltsfoot Press went bankrupt in 1984 after the authorities demanded the payment of back and penalty taxes. For years Stamford tried to evade taxes by having business addresses in both London and Amsterdam, leaving the authorities in each city believe that the taxes were being paid in the other. Torey left and continued on his own with the succesful Acolyte Press.

Coltsfoot Press (near complete) catalog

New York titles

  • 1976 | Vice Versa: a novel / Casimir Dukahz | ISBN: 0917372018
  • 1978 | Men and boys: an anthology / orig. ed. Edward M. Slocum, 1978 ed. D.H. Mader | ISBN: 0917372026

Amsterdam titles

  • 1982 | Asbestos diary / Casimir Dukahz | ISBN: 9070154196
  • 1983 | Attic adolescent / Bob Henderson
  • 1983 | Crowstone - The chronicles of Qamar / Hakim Bey
  • 1983 | Kit / Alan Edward
  • 1984 | It's a boy / Casimir Dukahz
  • 198? | Clicking beat on the brink of Nada / Keith Haie
  • 1984 | The trucker and the teens, Volume 1 1969-1975 / Louis A. Colantuono (cover illustration by Willem Kok)


  • 1981 | Panthology One
  • 1982 | Panthology Two
  • 1984 | Panthology Three | ISBN: 90-70154-26-9
  • 1984 | Panthology Four