Oliver Layton Press

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Oliver Layton Press was a publishing house that operated during the mid 1960s in New York.

Little, if anything, is known about its owner and/or editor. Some have suggested that it might have been a different name of Coltsfoot Press that begun publishing books a decade later. More plausibly, Oliver Layton Press could have been operated by Walter Breen since the first book that published was his study Greek Love (1964) and later continued with the two issues of International Journal of Greek Love (1965-1966). Apart from Breen's work, Oliver Layton Press published the first edition of Casimir Dukahz's The Asbestos Diary (1966) and Tuli Kupferberg and Robert Bashlow's humorist anti-war pamphlet 1001 ways to beat the draft (1966).

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