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Fellatio is the oral stimulation by one person of another person's penis. It is a quite common form of sexual intercourse, though those who perform fellatio on others are often ridiculed and demeaned by antisexuals and sexophobes. Sexophobes and antisexuals, due to their unnatural (and learned) phobias, find many forms of sexual activity to be "disgusting".

A derogatory term commonly used to demean those who practice fellatio on others is "cocksucker". Many fellators (the one whose mouth is doing the stimulation on another's penis) may deny having performed fellatio on others.

Fellatio is one of the most pleasurable forms of sexual activity to receive--the fellator (when skilled) can provide varied forms of pleasurable stimulation, especially when combined with the manual stimulation of the penis or of other erogenous zones.

Male pedophiles often enjoy fellating their boy partners, while rarely desiring the boy to fellate the man in return. As Parker Rossman stated in his article about pederasts:

...mostly, however much they may hide behind other reasons, boys indulge in sexual activity with men because they greatly enjoy being fellated. They are highly aroused by a sexually stimulating culture, and they want sex education and sexual kicks.

Fellatio is very unlikely to transmit any sexually transmitted disease (STD) to the one being fellated. The risk factor is probably similar to the risk of acquiring an STD from kissing (though sexophobes and antisexuals (for political purposes) greatly exaggerate the possible risk of transmission. }}

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Wikipedia includes much more information, though the information is (as is most information about human sexuality on Wikipedia) influenced somewhat by antisexist attitudes.