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The claim that pedophiles (men who are attracted to prepubescent boys) only desire to be the active partner in anal sex with prepubescent boys is a myth created by the sexophobes and antisexuals. These people want to convince others that pedophiles only use boys for their own selfish sexual gratification, without caring about the wants of needs of the boys they relate to. While this may (rarely) be true of a small number of pedophiles, it is not the norm for most boy-lovers.

Importance to BoyLovers

Pedophiles are condemned most harshly by those who fear that pedophilic men wish "to fuck little boys", by which they mean insertive anal sex. Those who believe that "pedophiles" usually (or even often) have this desire are seriously mistaken. As Newgon Wiki notes:[1]

As well as seemingly assuming penetration, such a definition of what you advocate sounds harsh, one sided and at the worst, intrinsically involuntary. A reasoned debate can only be had if the very definitions that we use are objective, and preferably shared by all sides of a debate. You advocate child - adult sexual contact, and must never be implied as supporting such a vague, emotionally laden and flexible idea as 'Fucking Children'. Nor should you use 'pleasuring' or 'making love' in anything but a descriptive sense - e.g, a correct usage would be -

"You would be surprised how many sexually active Pedophiles are simply pleasuring [orally servicing] their partners. What's more, their partners agree with a smile".

The well-known transgender author, gay BDSM guru, pornographer, and feminist Patrick Califia, has noted that if engaging in sexual relations with their partners, boylovers generally show more concern for the pleasure of their partners than does the average heterophile. Naturally such concern occurs to a greater or lesser extent in most relationships, but it seems that this aspect is particularly important in man/boy contacts – whether it occurs in a long-term relationship or even a casual sexual encounter: accounts almost uniformly show that what the adult appreciates most is the pleasure experienced by the child, even to the exclusion of the man's own contemporaneous sexual release.


The best research done to date on men attracted to boys who are around age 12 or below shows that those men almost never engage in (or even want to engage in) anal sex with the boy being the "receiver".[2] And it is virtually unknown for the men to attempt anal intercourse with the boy against the boy's will.

Sexual activity by "pedophiles" with young boys (boys aged 12 and below) is almost exclusively limited to the man performing fellatio on -- "giving a blow job to" -- the boy, and bringing the boy to an orgasm, as well as fondling, cuddling, etc. Most commonly the man finds his pleasure through masturbating himself, and again, often not even in the presence of the boy but later, alone, while recalling the genital activity he engaged in with the boy.

Even "true" girl-lovers (attracted to peri- or prepubescent girls) show little or no interest in engaging in penetrative vaginal sex with the objects of their desires.[3]

Homosexual men

Homosexual men who are mainly attracted to "beardless youths" -- males who are sexually mature but who still lack development of all of their secondary sexual characteristics -- are pederasts, and may wish to engage in anal intercourse with the youth, though the intercourse may be either the man as the giver or as the receiver of the anal intercourse. Research has been done on underage homosexual youths and their experiences with adult men. Anal intercourse may be practiced by the men on the boys but, again, almost never against the boy's will. (Links need to be included here to these articles.)

Heterosexual men

Heterosexual men have sometimes been known to anally rape young boys, but this is as a replacement for vaginal sex with a woman. This activity also gives "BoyLovers" a very bad name.


"Pederasts" usually are interested in post-pubescent boys, boys who already are developing secondary sexual characteristics. So these "pederasts" are not really "pedophiles" as they usually see a pre-pubescent boy as not being sexually attractive and still a "child".


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