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n (noun)

¹ Interfemoral intercourse is a form of sexual intercourse that involves a man placing his penis between the thighs of another person (of either sex) and that person then compressing his or her thighs to provide pressure on and friction to the man's penis. It is also referred to as "intercrural intercourse"

Interfemoral intercourse may also be referred to as Greek love.

But, to add to the confusion, note that "Greek love" may also be used by some to mean anal intercourse, especially when placed within quotation marks, "Greek love".

In ancient Greece, pederasts often engaged in sex with boys, and this sex was often (or usually) interfemoral. Interfemoral intercourse avoids any physical discomfort or pain on the part of the boy.

It is disputed by some as to whether interfemoral intercourse or anal intercourse was the most common sexual activity to take place between a pederast and his catamite.

Pedophiles (those preferring prepubescent boys as sexual partners) may engage in interfemoral intercourse with the boy, but almost never do pedophiles desire, or actually engage in, anal intercourse with their boy partner. This is due to the pedophile's very normal, and natural, concern for the boys' feelings, and for the boys' physical welfare.

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