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Michael Jackson 1984

Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009) was an American singer-songwriter and boylover (hebephile).He is sometimes referred to by the nickname "King of Pop", or by his initials MJ. He began his music career as a member of the singing group known as The Jackson 5 when he was around 8 years old. Jackson is arguably the most prominent, and perhaps the wealthiest, American boylover. A factor perhaps contributing to his hebephilia is the fact that Michael did not have a boyhood, a normal childhood, and as an adult he was trying to recreate and experience that, at Neverland Ranch.

Neverland Ranch

Neverland Ranch, in Santa Barbara County, California, was designed as a place for boys; the name came from Peter Pan, of J.M. Barrie (another boy lover), and was a place where boys never grew up. Neverland Ranch was a private amusement park, with two trains, one with a miniature steam locomotive, a petting zoo, a Ferris wheel, numerous other rides including a roller coaster and bumper cars, and an amusement arcade. There were no clocks, and it was never bedtime.

Some 100 boys passed through Jackson's bedroom, according to his logs, discovered when Neverland was searched. While denying any sexual contact, Jackson publicly admitted that he had had young boys spend the night with him, in his bed. (After his 2005 acquittal, one of his lawyers said publicly that Jackson "should stop doing that.")

Jackson was lavish with the parents - his sister LaToya said that one family got an advance check for $1 million.[1] He would invite entire families to Neverland, and provide transportation there; parents were kept busy while Jackson went off with the boy he most liked. Then the boy would be invited to return to Neverland without his family. Jackson, with whatever boy(s) were with him, slept in a separate building, surrounded by alarms to warn about someone approaching. He is reported to have sometimes watched porn with the boys.

For years there were no complaints at all about this lifestyle, from parents or boys or anyone else. None of the Neverland staff went to the sheriff. Numerous celebrities visited, and the only one reported to have made a negative remark was Marlon Brando; Elizabeth Taylor, one of whose marriages was celebrated at Neverland, did not.

Legal troubles

Jordan Chandler (1993-1994)

Jackson's legal troubles began in late 1993, with the case of Jordan Chandler, who at the time was 12. Jordan is the victim in the gallery of Michael's boy lovers, though it was not Michael that traumatized him.

All the tsuris ("troubles", in Yiddish) began when Jordan changed from his mother's to his father's legal custody. Jackson was arrested on suspicion of child sexual abuse. Two grand juries refused to indict him, and no charges were ever filed. Jordan (actually his father) filed a civil suit against Jackson for sexual battery, willful misconduct, and infliction of emotional distress. The case was settled early the following year, and the investigation closed, after a payment of at least $15 million by Jackson's insurance company, with non-disclosure agreements on both sides. (The amount of the payment has never been revealed, nor have documents that specify it been discovered. $15 million is the lowest of several figures that have appeared in the media..) Jackson did not admit any wrongdoing. According to a motion passed to Judge Melville in 2004, leading up to the 2005 trial, Evan Chandler himself is the one who initiated the settlement with Jackson's insurer.[2] Jackson's insurance company "negotiated and paid the settlement, over the protests of Mr. Jackson and his personal legal counsel" and was "the source of the settlement amounts"; as noted in a 2005 memorandum in People v. Jackson.[3] [4]

In 1994 Jordan announced that his accusations of sexual abuse by Michael Jackson were false, the result of coercion by his father. Jordan filed for emancipation from his parents and has had no contact with them since then. He is reported to have left the country to avoid having to testify against Jackson. In 1996 he obtained a restraining order against his father Evan Chandler, who committed suicide in 2009, shortly after Jackson's death. Jordan is reported to be living under a different name on Long Island.[5]

Jason Francia (1994)

Once Jordan's case became public, another accuser appeared: Jason Francia, son of Jackson's housekeeper Blanca Francia, who worked for Jackson from 1986 to 1991. At the time of his first contact with Jackson, Jason was eight. Testimony he gave in the 2005 trial states that Jackson repeatedly touched and tickled him in the genital area. Apparently the District Attorney decided that this was not a serious enough crime to pursue. Nevertheless, Jackson made a $2.4 million payment to Jason. Jason's mother testified that she suspected that her son's relations with Jackson were not "kosher" (appropriate), but she tolerated the situation because Jason would come home with cash.[6]

Gavin Arviso (2003-2005)

After a lengthy and colorful trial, Jackson was acquitted of all charges.

Arviso has not spoken publicly since the trial about his experiences with Jackson, and has turned down multiple, lucrative offers to "tell his story".[7] As have others who Have told of Jackson's sexual contacts with children, he has repeatedly been threatened with serious bodily harm and murder by Jackson fans.

David Martinez

Received $300,000 at the time Santa Barbara county law enforcement was investigating the Arviso allegations.

Final years

Jackson's career was negatively impacted by the Chandler case; he would never again be as popular.

He closed Neverland Ranch in 2006, feeling it had been irremediably despoiled by law enforcement's searches.

After his acquittal in 2005, Jackson left the U.S. and did not live in it again; he settled in Bahrain. However, he chose Los Angeles as a location to rehearse for his upcoming tour This Is It!, and died during this visit.

Jackson's death in 2009 is revealing of the disorder in his life. He hired an anesthesiologist, Conrad Murray, to administer him drugs. The drug which got the most attention is Propofol, an anesthetic widely used in medical settings but totally inappropriate (and dangerous) to use outside that environment, and especially as a very inappropriate treatment for insomnia. In combination with the simultaneous use of the benzodiazepine Lorazepam, this was determined by the coroner to be the cause of death. Jackson died before Murray received any of his promised salary. Murray was convicted of manslaughter, lost his medical licenses, and spent two years in prison.

He is the subject of Tom O'Carroll's book Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Liaisons. Jackson died of acute propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication (drug overdose) on June 25, 2009, after suffering from cardiac arrest.[8]


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