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Sexual exploitation is a particularly difficult term to define, and this is not accidental. By deliberately being left vague, it may be applied to a huge number of situations and activities.

The "sexual exploitation of children" has now come to mean any kind of sexual activity that a child engages in with another person, especially if that other person is older. This is, of course, absurd.

If the (so-called) "sexual exploitation of children" involves money or gifts of any kind, then it is often mischaracterized as "child trafficking" or child prostitution.

The UN Documents: Rights Of The Child has specified that "gifts" by an adult to another person below the age of 18--if any sexual activity is involved--should be criminalized, as giving gifts (in whatever form) is considered to be a form of sexual exploitation by an adult of a child.

So if a BoyLover meets a (willing) boy, then buys the boy a hamburger at McDonalds (or even just a Coke), then takes the boy home to have consenting sex, the BoyLover can be arrested, as the hamburger (or the Coke) can be considered to be a gift, and therefore "an inducement to sexual activity" and a demonstration of "sexually exploitation". Of course, if arrested, the BoyLover may also be charged with kidnapping, as a boy under 18 is usually not considered to be able to give valid consent to accompany another person anywhere without the parent's permission.

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