Sexual violence

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Sexual violence has become a psychobabble synonym for "sexually activity," when the sexual activity involves a minor and an adult.

The term "sexual violence" was created by radical feminists{reference needed} during their campaign in the late 1970s and early 1980s to demonize incestuous relationships between fathers and young daughters. The term has since been extended to include any kind of sexual behavior which is "disapproved" of, and includes much behavior that in the past was seen as normal and consensual. "Rape" is another term which has been redefined in the same way.

Importance to BoyLovers

Sexual relationships which involve absolutely no coercion or violence of any kind are now labelled as being "sexual violence". The media exploits this new definition in their reporting to sensationalize adult/minor sexual relationships. Politicians also use the newly redefined terms to inflame passions and to garner greater public support for their re-election campaigns and for the passage of even more draconian laws regulating sexual activity.

The redefinition of normal terms has been key to the radical feminist/right-wing Christian coalition's successes at demonizing behaviors which they disapprove of.

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