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The phrase Sexually violent predator has entered law, especially those laws concerning the committal to mental institutions of men who have already served their sentences for sex crimes.

A sexually violent predator is described as (usually) a male who:

  • has engaged in sexual activity with a minor (therefore, he is a "predator" who "preys on innocent, helpless children")
  • must be, by definition, violent, as minors are said to never ever willingly engage in sexual activity with an adult. It is taken for granted that the adult must have used violence to force the "child" into engaging in unwilling sexual activity.

According to the rape narrative put forth by antisexuals, sexophobes, and radical feminists, an adult male can never peacefully, and without the use of any kind of force or coercion, enter into a relationship with a willing minor that includes a sexual component. For them, this is an impossible concept.

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