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Sexuality (plural "sexualities") is the capacity for sexual feelings, or a person's sexual orientation or preference.[1]

Importance to BoyLovers

BoyLovers, generally, would like to touch, fondle, excite, and otherwise appreciate and enjoy the bodies, including the genitals, of the boys whom they are attracted to. Of course, sexual activity leading to orgasm (which typically only requires a few minutes to achieve) is usually only a small part of the overall interests that BoyLovers have in the boys whom they are attracted to.

Throughout most of human history, BoyLovers have had their young friends, and engaged in sexual activity with them, without suffering from major legal sanctions. Of course, there have been periodic Church-sanctioned episodes (for example, in Venice around the 16th century) when homosexuals -- including BoyLovers -- were persecuted for their sexual behaviors.

Laws existed against child molestation but the enforcement of those laws was usually limited to cases where a BoyLover had obviously abused a boy, that is, where the BoyLover had used force or very strong coercion to force a boy into engaging in unwanted (by the boy) sexual activity. These cases were rare, and, in fact, the majority of BoyLovers are usually content to simply fellate -- "give blowjobs to" -- their young friends. Boys who are threatened, afraid, or highly coerced, tend to have great difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection, which makes performing fellatio on the boy a particularly unrewarding activity. The myth of the "bleeding, sobbing, helpless child" forced to be fellated by a BoyLover conjures up a strange image in any mind which is rational.

Boys who are forced to engage in anal intercourse -- which is true rape -- are clearly boys who have been "molested," but these cases, again, are quite rare.

Most heterosexuals did not feel threatened by BoyLovers and their sexual activities with boys. A few eyebrows may have been raised, and a few snide comments made, but it was obvious to all concerned that the boys who engaged in sexual activities with adult men were generally completely unharmed by the activity. In fact, many adult men themselves had been involved in sexual activity with BoyLovers when they were young, consisting mostly of being fellated -- "given a blow job," and understood the pleasures and benefits they received from such relationships.

In the U.S., beginning in the mid to late 1970s, third-wave radical feminists joined forces with right-wing Republicans to demonize BoyLovers. This led to a long series of strict laws being enacted prohibiting sexual activity by young people with adults.

Today, many BoyLovers in Western countries have internalized the "child abuse narrative" and are now afraid they may somehow "harm" a boy by engaging in sexual activity with the boy. Strong evidence from correctly done research into the question of "harms" clearly demonstrates that these fears are unfounded -- almost no boys who engage voluntarily in sexual activity with an adult are ever harmed by such activity, except for any sociogenic or iatrogenic harms which may occurr, and which are not due to actions on the part of the BoyLover themselves, but, instead are morally based reactions by others to the otherwise harmless sexual activities.

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