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ROLFE 1890 Tito Biondi (Roma) 309x447.jpg
Portrait of Tito Biondi / Frederick Rolfe (alias “Baron Corvo”). – Roma : ca 1890.

Frederick William Rolfe, better known as Baron Corvo, and also calling himself 'Frederick William Serafino Austin Lewis Mary Rolfe', (July 22, 1860 – October 25, 1913), was an English writer, artist, photographer and eccentric. Rolfe’s s sexual preference was for late adolescents.

Towards the end of his life, he made his only explicit reference to his specific sexual age preference, in one of the Venice letters to Charles Masson Fox, in which he declared: "My preference was for the 16, 17, 18 and large."

Grant Richards, in his 'Memories of a Misspent Youth' (1932), recalls 'Frederick Baron Corvo' at Parson's Pleasure in Oxford - where scholars could bathe naked - "surveying the yellow flesh tints of youth with unbecoming satisfaction".