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Online history
  • The BLogo is a graphic symbol for boylove that is widely used across the online boylove community. It consists of two blue intertwined triangles, one outer that symbolizes the man, and one inner that symbolizes the boy in a boylove relationship. Due to its shape, it is occasionally described as a "spirangle".
  • Free Spirits is an organization formed to promote open communication among boylovers. It grew out of a need to ensure the continued existence of BoyChat, but has since sponsored various other resources. It is named after Kasper's Free Spirits web site, which was one of the first Web pages on the Internet created to celebrate boylove, and the original home of BoyChat.
  • A History of BoyChat by Alexis was first added to the Free Spirits website in the late 1990's. It covers the history of the early years of BoyChat from 1995 to 1997.
  • The Great Outage was the period between March and June 2001 during which all Free Spirits and FPC resources were offline. While Free Spirits had certainly experienced service outages before, none lasted as long as the period described here. It is unclear where the term "Great Outage" first originated from or who coined it but it was clearly in use on BoyChat by July 2001.