The DSM: Psychiatry's Deadliest Scam (film)

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The DSM:
Psychiatry's Deadliest Scam
Year Released: 2011
MPAA Rating (USA): Unrated
Director: Citizens Commission on Human Rights
Starring: See:Cast list

The DSM: Psychiatry's Deadliest Scam is a 2011 video documentary which was produced and distributed by Citizens Commission on Human Rights[1] [2] (available to view on YouTube) which explains how psychiatric categories are created simply by taking a vote among a small group of psychiatrists (no empirical scientific studies are ever done) in order to decide which so-called "mental illnesses" or "psychological disorders" should be included in the DSM (the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) of the American Psychiatric Association (the A.P.A). "The weakness” of the manual, ... “is its lack of validity.”[3]

A must watch for everyone. It is the DSM that makes BoyLovers crazy (literally), as it (formerly) did with its classification of homosexuals.[4]


From the YouTube channel:

"The DSM is psychiatry's best-selling catalog of mental illness — 943 pages long and covering everything from depression and anxiety to stuttering, cigarette addiction, fear of spiders, nightmares, problems with math and even disorder of infancy — all reinterpreted and labeled as a brain disease." [5]
  • Note: The producers of this film, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights "was co-founded in 1969 by the Church of Scientology and Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus Dr. Thomas Szasz at a time when patients were being warehoused in institutions and stripped of all constitutional, civil and human rights." [6] Civil commitment continues to be an ongoing human rights issue within the boylove community.

Relevance to BoyLovers

You wouldn't even be here reading this post if it weren't for psychiatrists and their fraudulent theories.


Credited cast [7]
Actor Role
Lynn Alford-Burow Lynn Alford-Burow (Herself)
Fred A. Baughman Fred A. Baughman (Himself)
Richard Bentall Richard Bentall (Himself)
Samuel Blumenfeld Samuel Blumenfeld (Himself)
Joan Brown Joan Brown (Herself)
Lisa Cain Lisa Cain (Herself)
George Capsis George Capsis (Himself)
Moira Dolan Moira Dolan (Herself)
Mark Donohoe Mark Donohoe (Himself)
Jonathan Emord Jonathan Emord (Himself)
Patti Giuliano Patti Giuliano (Herself)
Howard Glasser Howard Glasser (Himself)
Thomas Glick Thomas Glick (Himself)
Reuben Guttman Reuben Guttman (Himself)


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