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Many these days (falsely) claim that there is a "basic incompatibility" between the lives of boys and the lives of BoyLovers. They (incorrectly) claim that the lives of boys and the lives of BoyLovers have nothing in common.

Historically, the lives of boys and the lives of BoyLovers (and other men) have overlapped. In the past there never was any "incompatibility"--in fact, there was a definite compatibility--boys were simply considered to be developing and/or undeveloped men, and boys needed men to help them to grow up to be successful human males. The lives of boys and BoyLovers complemented each other.

This belief began to change in the 70s and 80s of the past century, due to the influence--and selfish political activities--of certain feminists. These feminists (wrongly) asserted that it was somehow inappropriate for a man to want to become part of a boy's life, even though this new--and very damaging--set of beliefs was contrary to hundreds-of-thousands of years of human evolution.

Today, young boylovers have often "drunk the Kool-aid" (Wikipedia link) and believe that they have nothing to offer to boys. They believe they have nothing in common with boys. They believe that their lives and boys' lives are "compartmentalized", and therefore their only interest in boys would/could be for the BoyLover's own (so-called) "sexual gratification".

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