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YourIBLD was a website devised and created by BoyChat poster Holden, with help from poster Connor, who completed the original site and secured hosting from The site was dedicated to the celebration of International Boylove Day, commonly referred to as IBLD, which is celebrated by many boylovers in the online boylove community. It was first announced on November 26, 2005.

Beginnings/Concept of YourIBLD

Following the disagreement that arose in 2002 over when IBLD was celebrated (either on the summer or winter solstice, or both), Holden began creating the YourIBLD site as an alternative to the other IBLD sites available at the time, most notably the site created by Dave Riegel. At that time, the IBLD site created by BoyChat poster Etenne was dormant as he had withdrawn from active posting and other online activities for then-unknown reasons.

The initial idea was for YourIBLD to stand as a site not affiliated with a particular activist cause, ideology or philosophy other than the celebration of IBLD, and a celebration of boylovers and boylove culture in general. It was meant to encourage boylovers to celebrate on one solstice, or both, however they saw fit. It also sought to include any and all methods of celebration, including use of a blue candle. Users were encouraged to submit original works of IBLD Art and IBLD stories if they wished, which would be included on the site itself for others to enjoy.

YourIBLD Page Captures

Below are some page captures showing the YourIBLD Site itself:

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